The "Business-School Partnership Programme" (BSPP) was first launched in 2005. The aim of BSPP is to promote better cooperation and closer partnership between schools and different sectors (including the business sector, government departments and community organisations). It leads students out of the classroom to gain a wider perspective of the world so that they can get prepared for transition to work and challenges in the future.


Through this non-traditional learning platform provided by BSPP partners, students will be able to learn about different careers, understand the operation of different industries and requirements of employers, explore their own career orientation, enhance generic skills, and develop correct work attitude so as to adapt to economic and social changes, hence ultimately achieve the goal of whole-person development.


Under BSPP, BSPP partners offer career exploration activities for students, teachers and parents, including workplace visits, talks, workshops, career expos, competitions, mentoring programmes, student ambassador programmes, work experience programmes and tours to business entities in the Mainland, etc.



Demonstrate as a good corporate citizen and enhance public image of the enterprise.

Promote the related professions and business to students, teachers and parents.

Train up a young potential workforce for the related profession and business sector.

Have a better understanding of the thoughts of the young generation and hence enhance / adjust the professional training strategy for their own staff.


Help students understand the business operations and the requirements of employers.

Assist students to learn the correct work attitude and positive life values.

Through partnership experience, develop school-based curriculum and activities as well as career guidance service that suit the students' needs.

Support students for career exploration, life planning and actualisation of their career/academic aspirations.


Understand individual capacity and potential to plan for future studies and careers.

Acquire knowledge, skills and attitude to make wise study / career choices in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientations.

Widen vision and establish correct values to adapt to the changing economy and society.

Acquire life skills and equip well to face challenges ahead.



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