Work Experience



Among various career exploration activities organised under the BSPP, work experience programmes (WEPs) have been well received in recent years. Both participating students and organisations expressed to have benefitted from the WEPs. With an aim to mobilising more business entities and community organisations to offer WEPs to secondary school students, and to nurture a culture of supporting the young generation for life planning in the society at large, the Education Bureau launched a “Work Experience Movement (WEM)” in the 2016/17 school year. The WEM gained support from over 200 business entities and organisations which offered over 2 000 places of work experience programmes covering more than 30 trades and industries for students. We will continue to implement the WEM in the 2017/18 school year.

  • Objectives:
    Through the realistic hands-on experience in the workplace, students can better understand their career orientations, know about the actual operation of different enterprises and the day-to-day work of different job positions

  • Nature:
    WEP is an educational activity, which is neither an apprenticeship nor an internship. Students must apply the WEPs via schools.

  • Delivery mode:
    WEPs normally last for 2 to 5 days during school days / weekends / school holidays, subject to the arrangements of the organisations.

  • Trades and industries covered in 2016/17 WEPs:
    Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical Services
    Entertainment & Recreation
    Environmental Services
    Foodstuff & Beverage
    Government Department
    Social Services
    Veterinarian/Pet Grooming
    Tourism, Convention and Exhibition Services
    Medical & Health
    Property Management
    Building & Construction
    Arts and Culture
    Chemical and Petroleum Products
    Printing and Publishing
    Watch & Clock
    Banking and Financing Services
    Design, Innovation and Technology
    Information Technology
    Elderly Care Service
    Logistics and Transport
    Manufacturing Technology (Tooling, Metals & Plastics)
    Professional Services

Activity Highlights


  1. Work Experience Programme on Dentistry - Dr. Tsang & Century Dental Office
  2. Work Experience Programme at Law Firm - Yuen & Partners
  3. Work Experience Programme at Oil and Gas Company - ExxonMobil Hong Kong Limited
  4. Work Experience Programme at The Metroplex
  5. Large-scale Expo Work Experience Programme – Tsit Wing Coffee Company Limited