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Starting from the 2014/15 school year, the Education Bureau (EDB) has provided public sector (including special schools) schools and Direct Subsidy Scheme schools operating classes at senior secondary levels with an annual recurrent cash grant at about $0.5 million to enhance the capacity of responsible teaching team and to facilitate the co-ordination and implementation of life planning.  Please refer to Education Bureau Circular No.6/2014 and FAQs (Chinese version only) for details.  For related administrative arrangement, please refer to the School Administration Guide Chapter 3.8.3 "Life planning education and career guidance for secondary schools". Starting from the 2016/17 school year, schools may turn the Career and Life Planning Grant (CLPG) into regular teaching posts to strengthen the manpower for the implementation of life planning education and related guidance services. 

In addition, the EDB has provided a series of professional support measures to strengthen schools and teachers in implementing life planning education.  They are:

  1. Provided Guide on Life Planning Education and Career Guidance for Secondary Schools for planning life planning education and career guidance services to students;
  2. Conducted briefing sessions on the Career and Life Planning Grant (May 2014) including Life Planning EducationCareer and Life Planning Grant; Experience Sharing (Chinese version only); and Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities (Chinese version only).        
  3. Organising structured training i.e. Certificate Course and Basic Course on Career Guidance and Life Planning for Secondary School Teachers for professional development of secondary school teachers;
  4. Organising a variety of thematic seminars and workshops to provide a platform for professional interflow of teachers;
  5. Enhancing Business-School Partnership Programme (BSPP) to provide more career-related activities and work experience opportunities for students.  For details of the programme, please refer to BSPP webpage;
  6. Organising a variety of thematic career and parent talks to keep students and parents abreast the latest development of further studies, vocational training, career opportunities and trend in the working world;
  7. Conducting consultancy school visits to give on-site advice on life planning education in school context;
  8. Partnered with the Qualifications Framework (QF) Secretariat to conduct different activities which aim to enable secondary students/teachers to understand how the QF can facilitate students’ planning of further study and careers.

Mainland-Hong Kong Life Planning Education Symposium

The Mainland-Hong Kong Life Planning Education Symposium held on 2 & 3 November 2017 was completed successfully. More than 900 local and Mainland education practitioners attended the opening ceremony and participated in the symposium including keynotes speeches sessions, concurrent sharing sessions and concurrent visit sessions. Sharing with you the grand occasion and the PowerPoints of Keynote Speech are as follows:


House Programme Keynote


Speech I (K1) Twenty-first Century Youth Career Development: Constructing A New Dance for the New Music


Keynote Speech II (K2) Enhancing Transitions through and from School: Individuals and Systems Working Together for Sustainable Career Education


Keynote Speech III (K3) Career Experiences of Youth in Hong Kong


Event Gallery