UNIQLO looks to offer the ultimate everyday clothes that make people’s lives richer and more comfortable. UNIQLO pursues this new, internationally unique category of clothes, called LifeWear. UNIQLO’s mission is to enable people all over the world to experience the joy of wearing such great clothes. UNIQLO's business model includes planning, production, distribution, and sales. As a brand with basic designs using high-quality natural materials and epoch-making materials developed in collaboration with synthetic fiber manufacturers, we are expanding our market share around the world. Based on the LifeWear concept, UNIQLO continues to create the ultimate everyday wear that makes everyday life more comfortable for people around the world. In today's increasingly digitalized world, UNIQLO is evolving into a business model that connects directly with customers and quickly realizes their needs.

UNIQLO is committed to fostering talent. Through "Business-School Partnership Programme", we hope to let students understand more about UNIQLO, broaden the exposure of the students, and equip them with a better understanding of the industry.

Work Experience
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