Civil Aviation Department

Visit to the Aviation Education Path

Yuen Long Public Secondary SchoolCheng long ting

As an aviation enthusiast, I am very grateful that my teacherhas led us to visit the Aviation Education Path. Although it was only a half day visit, I benefiteda lot from it, I learnt more knowledge about the aviation. During the visit, a tour guide of the Civil Aviation Department led us to different sessions of the exhibition center. The visit is very fruitful. Displays are everywhere so the whole process of visit was more interesting. In addition, the staff asked us many questions about the visit in order to let us have a quick review on the knowledge of aviation. I was impressed that we could consolidate our learning and knowledge firmly in mind. After visiting to the exhibition center, we came to a spacious podium. I was very excited because all of us could clearly see the taking-off and landing of aircrafts. I was indeed eager as it is my first time to observe the planes in such a close distance. After this visit to the Aviation Path, I deepened the understanding of aviation. It was really an unforgettable memory.

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