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Through BSPP, BSPP partners offer career exploration activities for students. Among various career exploration activities, Work Experience Programmes (WEP) have been well received among students. Both students and BSPP partners involved reflected that they were benefitted from WEP. To further mobilise different sectors of the community to take part in WEP and nurture a culture of supporting young people for better life planning, EDB has launched the Work Experience Movement (WEM) since the 2016/17 school year.  Up to now, more than 220 business entities and community organisations from more than 30 trades and industries have participated in WEM.

The purpose of the WEP is to allow students to have a real hands-on experience in the workplace with a view to knowing the actual operation of different trades and enterprises as well as the routine tasks of different job positions so that they can better understand themselves and their career orientations.

WEP is an educational extracurricular activity, it is neither an apprenticeship nor internship. Students must make application through their schools.

Operation mode:
WEP arranged by organisations shall normally last for no more than 3 days except during school holidays, which shall be allowable for no more than 5 days. Yet, subject to no interference of students' school work and with due respect to the day and nature of the activities, consideration may be given to proposed WEP with less than 2 weeks. Furthermore, WEP should be conducted to the most 8 hours a day, excluding rest time and lunch break, and be no later than 8 p.m.

Coverage of trades and industries (since the 2016/17 school year):

Activity Highlights

Marks and Spencer

Guangbo Treatment Center of TCM

PLK Flea Market

Easy Organic Farming

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