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"Equipping Young Talents – Welcoming Future Opportunities" Life Planning Education Conference 2023

攜手推動生涯規劃創未來 藉商校合作探索職場世界 (Traditional Chinese Version Only)

K1 From School to Work: Connecting Today’s Students to the Future Working World

K2 Life Planning and Career Aspiration: Sharing of Urban Search & Rescue Team and the Hong Kong Wushu Team

K3 Latest Development of the Artificial Intelligence Industry

K4 Opportunities and Challenges of Unmanned Aircraft Industry

A1 Latest Updates on Career Development Tools for Students

A2 Promoting Life Planning Education (LPE) through Adopting the Whole School Approach and Integrating LPE into the School’s Formal and Informal Curriculums

A3 Yat Lam’s Life Planning Education: Providing Diverse Resources to Equip Students with the Knowledge of Vocational Orientation and Independent Living Skills

A4 Diversified Work Opportunities of the Professional Services Sector under the Development of the Greater Bay Area

B1 Professional Support from the Education Bureau - The Latest Development of Life Planning Education and the Way Forward

B2 How to Cater for Students’ Diverse Needs for Life Planning Education through Activities and Measures that Suit the Needs of Students at Different Levels

B3 Aviation Industry - Beyond Pilots and Flight Attendants

B4 Insurance, Risks and Life Planning

特刊:「裝備年青人才.面對未來機遇」2023生涯規劃教育研討會 (Traditional Chinese Version Only)

Create Your Future Mini-movie Competition

“Creating Synergy in The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” Life Planning Education Conference 2022

生涯規劃共創美好前程 商校合作助學生拓視野 (Traditional Chinese Version Only)

K1 Seizing the Opportunity: The Development Advantages of the Greater Bay Area (Chinese version only)

K2 Innovation and Technology and the Future of Society (Chinese version only)

K3 Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Chinese version only)

A1 Application of the Qualitative Tools on Career Development and e-Learning Platform developed by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters (not available for downloading)

A2 Leveraging the Alumni Network to Broaden Students’ Horizons for Career Planning in the Mainland (Chinese version only)

A3 An Overview of the Banking Industry: the Path to Professional Success

A4 Getting to Know More about the Innovative Technology and Prospect of Property Management Industry (Chinese version only)

B1 Business-School Partnership Leads the Way Schools Join Hands to Nurture the Youth (Chinese version only)

B2 Bringing the World of Work and Schools Closer Together for Quality Life Planning Education: The HKBM Approach

B3 This Should be the Way to Do Life Planning Education... (Chinese version only)

B4 Things to Know about the Jewellery Industry (Chinese version only)

“Creating Synergy in the Guangdong - Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” Life Planning Education Conference 2022 (Traditional Chinese Version Only)

BSPP Partner Sharing Session on “Joining Hands to Organise Career Exploration Activities for the Mutual Benefits of Students and BSPP Partners”

Addressing Diversified Needs • Exploring Multiple Pathways Life Planning Education Conference 2021

特約專輯:全方位推動生涯規劃教育 助學生探索未來路向 (Traditional Chinese version only)

K1 Developing Multiple Pathways for Students with Diverse Learning Needs (Chinese version only)

K2 Breakthroughs and Pathways in Further Studies and Career Development of Youngsters of Different Ethnicities in Hong Kong (Chinese version only)

K3 Vocational and Professional Education and Training - Embracing Career Opportunities for Future Development (Chinese version only)

K4 Life Planning and Career Aspiration

A1 Qualitative Tools on Career Development: Updating and Application (developed by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters) (To be uploaded)

A2 Know More about the Surveying Industry (Chinese version only)

A3 Catering for Students’ Life Planning or Career Development Needs through Collaboration among Subject Panels and Functional Groups (Chinese version only)

A4 From Inter-departments Collaboration to Individualised Life Planning Counselling Scheme (To be uploaded)

B1 Professional Support Provided by the Education Bureau - Joining Hands with Schools.Delivering Life Planning Education (Chinese version only)

B2 Gearing Youngsters Up for the Workplace through Career Preparation (Chinese version only)

B3 Integration of Life Education and Life Planning Education (Chinese version only)

B4 Providing Diversified Career Exploration Opportunities for Students with Special Educational Needs (Chinese version only)

特刊:關顧不同需要.拓展多元出路——2021 生涯規劃教育研討會 逾九百名教育工作者及機構伙伴聚首交流經驗 (Traditional Chinese only)

Fostering Life Planning through Creativity and Innovation - Life Planning Education Conference 2020

特約專輯:多元探索活動助學生做好生涯規劃 訂立未來路向 (Traditional Chinese version only)

House Programme

K1 Global Trend of Industry 4.0 and Future Digital Talents Cultivation

K2 “Dare” to Think and Create: The Development of Creative Industries

K3 Meeting Future Challenges with Innovative Thinking

A1 Development and Strategies of Promoting Life Planning Education

A2 When Creativity Meets Career and Life Planning – the Development and Application of Career Counselling Tools

A3 Promotion of Engineering to Students by President's Protégés Club

A4 Start Your Career Development by Cycling Eco-Tourism

B1 Professional MC 101 (not available for downloading)

B2 Exploring Chinese Medicine Industry through Work Experience Programmes

B3 Experience with Ko Lui Students - How to Design a School-based Curriculum using Collected Data

B4 Creative Life Planning Education - The Colour and Taste of Life

特刊:創意創新創未來 2020生涯規劃教育研討會 (Traditional Chinese version only)

Career Planning and Management: From Career Assessment to Career Guidance – Life Planning Education Conference 2019

特約專輯:多元策略助學生做好生涯規劃 開拓美好前程 (Traditional Chinese version only)

House Programme (Traditional Chinese version only)

K1 Nurturing Adolescents’ Career and Talent Development

K2 Life Planning: Self-actualisation, Self-transcendence and Life Fulfilment

K3 Individualised Career Guidance Services in School Setting

A1 Way Forward of Life Planning Education

A2 Use of Different Tools to Provide Counselling for Students

A3 & B3 Career Fingerprint: Exploring your Skills and Styles

A4 Career and Life Planning of a Marketing Career Through Exploration and Practicum Learning

B1 Life Planning Education for the Gifted and Talented Students (1)

B1 Life Planning Education for the Gifted and Talented Students (2)

B2 Use of Counselling Tools to Assist Students’ Multiple Pathways (not available for downloading)

B4 Walking with Students - Individual Career Guidance Case Sharing

特刊:善用評估.適時輔導 - 2019生涯規劃教育研討會 500名教育工作者及合作伙伴聚首交流經驗 (Traditional Chinese Version Only)

“My Path to Career Exploration” Mini-Movie Competition 2019

Exploring Career, Utilizing Talents - Life Planning Education Conference 2018

特約專輯:多元事業探索活動一小步 協助學生認識職場大世界 (Traditional Chinese version only)

House Programme (Traditional Chinese version only)

K1 Job Opportunities for Youth (not available for downloading)

K2 Future of Work

K3 Entering the Bay Area Unleashing Potential in Creativity

K4 Startup and Its Operation

CA1 Cisco Innovation Challenge - STEM & Career Planning

CA2 Deepening Career Exploration and Implementation - Workplace Visit and Work Experience Programme Strategies of Effective Interviewing

CA3 Smart Power Dreams Come True - A Multifaceted Look at Environmental Protection

CA4 Exploring Multiple Pathways ‧ Stepping up a Blueprint

CB1 Facilitating Students’ Life Planning through Work Experience Programmes

CB2 Understanding and Exploring the Beauty Industry Job Interview Tips – Dress Code and Simple Make-up Skills (not available for downloading)

CB3 Effective Use of External Resources to Widen Students’ Horizons

CB4 How Diversified Career Exploration Activities Help Students Plan Their Future (1)

CB4 How Diversified Career Exploration Activities Help Students Plan Their Future (2)

特刊:探索事業 發揮所長 2018生涯規劃教育研討會 業界翹楚分享及交流 協助學生規劃未來 (Traditional Chinese version only)

Mainland-Hong Kong Life Planning Education Symposium

特約專輯:生涯規劃教育 多方參與 全方位支援學生規劃未來 (Traditional Chinese version only)

House Programme

K1 Twenty-first Century Youth Career Development: Constructing A New Dance for the New Music

K2 Enhancing Transitions through and from School: Individuals and Systems Working Together for Sustainable Career Education

K3 Career Experiences of Youth in Hong Kong

PA1 Facilitating Career Education through Experiential Learning and Learning Systems (not available for downloading)

PA2 Essence of Career Guidance and Life Planning Education in the Context of Hong Kong Secondary Schools (not available for downloading)

PA3 How Does the Hong Kong Hotels Association Encourage Their Member Hotels to Provide Career Exploration Activities (not available for downloading)

PA4 How to Support the Life Planning of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) (not available for downloading)

PA5 How to Turn Corporate Volunteers' Career Experience into Youth's Personal Assets (not available for downloading)

PA6 My Life Design: School-based Career Counselling and Practice (not available for downloading)

PA7(1) Career Guidance - Life Coaching (not available for downloading)

PA7(2) A Kaleidoscope of Career Programme (not available for downloading)

PB1 Parental Support in Life Planning of Youth in Hong Kong (not available for downloading)

PB2 Career Mapping: Road to Positive Attributes in Life (not available for downloading)

PB3 Smart Power Campaign - Combining Life Planning with Education on Environmental Protection to Encourage Youngsters to Live a "Happy Green Life" (not available for downloading)

PB4 "Multicultural Dream Pursuit Project" - Support for Non-Chinese Speaking on Career and Life Planning (not available for downloading)

PB5 Rotary "Life Planning Education Programme" (not available for downloading)

PB6 Walking Together with the Children: Experience Sharing of School-based Career and Life Planning Parent Groups

PB7 Supporting the Young Generation for Better Life Planning (not available for downloading)

特刊:拓視野 展成果 教育局舉辦生涯規劃教育研討會 各界積極支持共30多場分享及參訪環節 (Traditional Chinese version only)

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