The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Through participating in the "Business-School Partnership Programme" of the Education Bureau, we seek to offer five types of the HKIE School Talks in order to provide career information and advice to students, exemplify the contribution engineers have made to our society and introduce the 10 major infrastructure projects for Hong Kong’s economic growth so as to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of the engineering profession and to facilitate them in charting their plans and careers in the future.


Activity Highlights:

Meeting with the Outstanding Engineer

St Paul’s Convent School

Miss Jenny Yeung, a geotechnical engineer who graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology gave us a talk about the career pathway of being an engineer. Miss Yeung began her speech by showing us an informative video that introduces 21 engineering disciplines of the HKIE. She listed out some criteria of being a successful engineer such as being keen to understand why and how, creativity, as well as interested in advancing human welfare. Besides, she put forward to the career pathway and employment opportunity of being an professional engineer at both private sector, government departments, public bodies, mainland and overseas. Then, Miss Yeung shared her experience such as participating in post-quake reconstruction and landslide inspection. The talk ended with a Q and A section. All the students enjoyed the talk and understood more about how engineers shape our future and apply science to real life.

實習工程SEE Programme

Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial CollegePang So Ming

If you ask me to conclude how I feel about this program with one sentence, I would say that it definitely gave me a whole new and deep insight into civil engineering! At the very beginning, I worried that how I could choose engineering as my major subject in the university without having any ideas about what exactly it is. Gratefully, I got many chances to ask and learn from different engineers’ sharing and site visiting during the program, such as the construction design and challenges in Hong Kong’s infrastructure projects. I am especially thankful to our group’s mentors, Jason and John, for guiding and teaching us a lot of useful knowledge in engineering. They also shared their own opinions and working experiences with us, which could never be learned from textbooks! In short, this program gave me a better understanding and greater interest in engineering, and it really helped me to have a clearer mind about my future studies and career path.

Visit to Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited

St. Stephen's Church College

In this event, I think the most valuable experience is the visit to the maintenance plant. The structure of an engine and its fans must be of extremely accurate measurement and the design suits different weather conditions. Meanwhile, the company has put emphasis on on-the-job training, regardless of one’s background. As long as I work hard and full of enthusiasm, I can have the opportunity to be one of them in future.

Lingnan Secondary SchoolCHAN Shu Man

This visit has greatly aroused my interest in and awareness of the duties of an engineer. During the visit, two engineers led us to look around different departments of the aircraft engineering and maintenance company, explaining the scope of various jobs, the repair overhaul processes, and the purpose of the design of many components of aircraft engines in detail. Stringent quality control, aiming at getting nearly zero error, ensures the safety of each passenger on the aircraft. The spirit in pursuit of excellence and servicing others is certainly worth learning.

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