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Work Experience

Yu Chun Keung Memorial CollegePak Ka Ho

I previously participated in an event organised by Easy Organic Farm on 5th May and 12th May with my teacher’s recommendation. Learned a little farming knowledge in the process such as weeding, sand shoveling, sand laying on the ground and paving bricks. I learned that there are many steps that need to be taken before farming. A successful harvest indeed requires a great deal of hard work. After participating in this work experience programme, I have become more respectful for the farmers. Would also try to finish all food. I have realized that farming is not an easy job. I believe that when I work in the community in the future, I should enjoy farming. Working with an ill-natured attitude results in no gain. In fact, there is always hot sunshine at work. However, as long as persist in not giving up, there will be sweet fruit harvested by labor.

Yu Chun Keung Memorial CollegeCheung Kwan Lam

In this activity, I learned how to prepare capital construction before farming. I did some work on cutting grass there. Also, could experience the hardship of being a porter when pushing the cement brick to the farmland by car. Under the sun, the clothes got wet quickly, and realize that there is air conditioner available, but there is always sunshine. Air conditioner is rare and should treasure energy. At the same time, the farmer mentioned the damage of global warming and the fact of no spring this year. It means fans should turn on to replace air conditioners. It can help slow down global warming.

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