Po Leung Kuk

The core principle of the Po Leung Kuk (PLK) embodies the protection of the young and the innocent. In keeping up with the economic and social development of Hong Kong, PLK offers a wide range of multi-faceted community services for society in order to provide support and coverage for service audience, hence to improve their quality of life. Children and youth are the future of our society. In addition to the normal education that schools provide, the youngsters will also benefit from being able to experience life and to explore into the world of career. PLK believes that through partnering with the "Business-School Partnership Programme" of the Education Bureau, it will strengthen the partnership between enterprises, education and social organizations, aspire to cultivate children and youth’s contribution towards society by drafting future life goals early in their lives. In accord with appropriate education in schools, it effectively helps children and youth to achieve the blueprints of their lives.
Creative Improvisation Drama Competition

Si Yuan School of the Precious BloodChan Sin Hang, Stacy

In this precious drama experience, I have learnt how to communicate and work together with my group mates. Also, I am able to realize more about various kinds of financial management, for instance, creating budget plan, knowing ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’, comparing prices and so on. I am sure I can apply what I learn from this meaningful drama competition in my life. I hope there will be more this kind of drama competition for those drama lovers to participate in the future.

Work Experience - PLK BMCPC Life Education and Elderly Support Centre

PLK Vicwood KT Chong Sixth Form College

I think that experience was really great and memorable because I could talk with old people, could listen to their problems and could show them sympathy. I believe this experience was best experience of my life as I could make those old people happy, which is really meaningful. I also learn to be patient, calm while talking with elderly. I even improve my interpersonal, communication skills etc. Those old people were really friendly, they talked with me, ask me about my culture etc. Overall, they were really happy to share their personal lives with me.

Work Experience - PLK Cho Kwai Chee Energetic Youth Club

Holy Trinity CollegeTsui Wing Tung Nicolette

As I am interested in career like children services and social work, this job shadowing has greatly enriched my understanding in these aspects, like activity planning, problem solving. Besides the job content, it is also possible to learn the right attitude to handle future careers- always be humble and take initiative. The experience brings me great satisfaction and I will definitely join some similar activities again.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)

Through this activity, there were deeper understanding towards the daily working routine of a social worker, and broadened horizons by meeting and cooperating with people from all walks of life. During the activity, the requirement of completing tasks had given deep sense of responsibility. The social workers created friendly and comfortable atmosphere which allowed blending into the colleagues there easily. It certainly helped improving communication and technical skills by doing different kinds of work. The most meaningful part of this activity was reflecting working attitude and attitude towards future. It also contributed to consideration of future career. The experience was important and memorable.

Interview in real time: Mock interview Workshop

S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

We really had a fruitful experience as we did not attend any interviews before. This workshop had definitely had our horizons broaden vastly as we came into contact with renowned employers and positions, say, HSBC, civil servants, to name but a few. After the workshop, I have learnt that linking your abilities to the job's nature is of utmost importance as all employers want to hire capable employees. All in all, we surely had reaped the fruitful harvest for equipping ourselves in the workplace.

Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College艾娜

The interview activity was quite an interesting and useful experience to us. In the activity, we could have a taste of what a real interview was like in the workplace. It definitely encouraged us to be more prepared for the challenges ahead as it was not an easy task. While I was attending the interview, I realized that we should stay confident but humble at the same time. Perhaps you may think that showing a lot of confidence is great as it can attract people’s attention easily. However, you are wrong because if you are not careful with your language and your tone, people may think that you are arrogant. And that will leave a bad impression to your future employers. Moreover, I found that it is very important to be flexible and relaxed because the questions can surprise you. Last but not least, you have to wear a smile and maintain eye contact all the time to show that you are a sincere and focused candidate.

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