Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

HKQAA Student Ambassador Programme

Our Lady of The Rosary CollegeLee Ka Yuk

I have learnt a lot in this programme since the enrollment. The experiences are really beneficial in the workplace. Those experiences are the things I could not acquire in school. After the interview, I found that it was a worthwhile trip even if I could not be selected. I was selected finally. During the briefing and the ceremony, I met different kinds of people and dealt with different problems. I have learnt problem solving skill from the mistakes and from other staff. Thanks for this valuable chance provided by the Education Bureau and the HKQAA. I hope that more teenagers can join similar activities. Those activities are definitely good for teenagers’ future development.

Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary SchoolYeung Ka Ming

In this event, I had learnt a lot knowledge which I cannot learn from the lesson, learning how to organise events is the most memorable. In the beginning, I thought it would not be very hard, just like my organising an event at school and it did not need a lot of preparation. However, when I participating the briefing, I found that organising a mega-event is much more complicated, for example, from promoting the event to follow-on activities, it took nearly 1 years. The process is much longer than my imagination. Also, the organiser needs to give a thank you letter to the guests. It was something I could not expect. Finally, I am so grateful for HKQAA and EDB to give me a valuable chance to learn this extracurricular experience.

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