Rotary International District 3450

Activity Highlights:

Moot Court Competition for Secondary School Students

Bishop Hall Jubilee SchoolYeung So Sum (The Prosecutor)

It is honourable to have participated in this moot court competition. Through this event, we got a chance to get to know more about the daily operational practices of a court. We met a barrister, Ms Sylvia Lee, who shared her experience with us and gave us many useful advices. As students, we all know how very special and rare this opportunity is. A lot of time and effort was required in this competition. I would like to thank all the F.5 members, who despite their hectic schedule, worked so hard together for the benefit of a common goal. I would also like to express my special thanks to Mr Choi, who supported us throughout the entire process. Winning is not everything. Although we didn’t win the championship, we enjoyed participating in the competition. What we have learnt from the process benefited us immensely. Congratulations, buddies!

Bishop Hall Jubilee SchoolFan Hoi Lam (The Judge)

In the past, the term ”Court” would only be heard in TV drama programme. Through participating in this competition, I got the chance to use and hear this term in person. No matter you are an observer in the court or you are the judge of a case, it would be quite difficult to perform a court case smoothly. I learned a lot from this experience such as the operation of a court, the importance of the rule of law, the analysis of a case. Most importantly, it strengthens my determination to become a lawyer one day. We got the first runner up in the competition. Besides the assistance of our teammates and our teacher, we would like to thank our mentor, the lawyer assigned to us by the organiser. She had spent a lot of time to discuss the case with us and give us a lot of valuable advice which made the competition a great success.

Bishop Hall Jubilee SchoolLai Nok Yiu (The Defense Counsel)

To become a lawyer was a so-called “a dream of my early childhood”. It is out of my expectation that after 10 or more years, the “dream” comes true. Frankly speaking, we don’t have the required professional knowledge, nor have the eloquent speaking skills, but the determination of winning the competition. As a matter of fact, no matter in the heat or the final, we were fighting with time. We were trying to perform without any mistakes. We were heading for a beautiful battle with sufficient preparation. The preparation which lasted for days and nights, hoping to win the recognition of the panel judges. Finally, we got it, we had been chosen as the first runner-up and the best Defense Counsel. I am sure that we would still be proud of ourselves to have such a wonderful performance in the competition. “Judge, I have no further question.”

Careers Expo

Tsuen Wan Government Secondary SchoolNg Chun Ying

Even as the saying goes: School is a miniature of society, we can never truly understand the operation of workplace nor understand the real situation of the workplace and bittersweet career life in school. This is my second time to participate in the Rotary Club’s Careers Expo. I enrolled in the workshops which are totally different from the choices of last year. The workshops I joined this year were banking, accounting and marketing. The contents were very informative and I was inspired to think of a suitable way for my future career path. I understood the requirement and nature of each job from the workshop. In addition, I realized the difficulties of the work need to face when I work in the future. I really learned a lot at the Careers Expo.

Sha Tin Government Secondary SchoolCheung Hoi Lam

I have been involved in one of the activities 'careers expo' on 10th May. The event held from the morning to the afternoon. In the morning, there was a keynote speech. In the afternoon, students from my school and other schools learned about different areas of different jobs by professionals. My job is to receive the guests in the morning, and listened to the presentation from professionals in the afternoon. At first, I attended the session of the news and media industry by Lo Mik-Suet. I found out that besides reporting news, we also need to do writing work. After that, I attended the talk given by a kindergarten teacher. Although a kindergarten teacher does not need a high qualification, you must be very fond of children. Finally, I attended a presentation of pharmacist. In contrast to the kindergarten teacher, the pharmacist needs a high degree, and it is not necessary that you may not become a pharmacist at last. After listening to their presentations, I think about my future, and I understand whether a well-paid job or just a low-remuneration work, helping others is the priority.

Work Experience

Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary SchoolChung Wan Tung Selina

Rotary Work Experience Programme: Venture Business Centre 03/08/2016-05/08/2016 The Work Experience Program is extremely inspiring. It has provided an opportunity for me to learn about the day to day business operations. The main business of the company I was matched with is to help set up companies in different places in the world. It involves some business registration certificates that I have only heard from textbooks. I believe this experience has certainly given additional support to my business studies. During the program, my classmate and I were given a small task to do, which is to arrange all the clients’ names that the company has worked for. This required excel skills which we both were not familiar with. Fortunately, our ‘colleagues’ gave us a lot of help that we finally sorted out the task. I realised that office work requires different word processing skills. All in all, this program has given me a clearer view of a business in the real working world. I also had a good lesson on interpersonal skills and word processing skills.

Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary SchoolHung Nga Yuet Ida

Regal Airport Hotel 18/07/2016-19/07/2016 Coming to an era of all-rounded education, we, students are highly encouraged to draw a blueprint of future. Indeed, as the adage goes, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. What could be an even better way out than participating in a work experience program? This summer, I was fortuitous enough to be given an opportunity to spend two days of work experience at the Regal Airport Hotel. Though two days is truly not long, the experience gained is definitely worthwhile and unforgettable. I worked in an accounting department. Nevertheless, to my surprise, the first lesson I learned was nothing related to accounting. It was time management instead. Punctuality is one example. Not only would employers expect their employees to be punctual for work, working on time is also a way for employees to show respect for their job and build up a sincere first impression to all, their employers, colleagues or clients alike. It is actually in the same type of predicament that students encountered in school life; the only difference is that schools, for sure a learning place, allow us to make mistakes and correct them while at workplace it sadly doesn’t. Punctuality in the working world could make one jump to a conclusion of how someone works. Therefore I feel that good time management is an essential skill at work. Back to accounting, I approached to the routine of the cashier, account payable and account receivable. They are in fact closely related to the several topics in Financial Accounting, which I am soon going to learn in the upcoming academic year. My work tasks were at a beginning stage, to record transactions into the journals. Yet, later I learned that those tasks were of the paramount essence as they were the entries to be posted into ledgers. With the experiences of doing my BAFS assignment on paper, in addition to the real work experience, not only have I gained a better understanding of my studies in school but also the exposure to be an accountant. Definitely, accountants have to work far more and harder than that. Overall, the summer work program has magnified my career aspirations and positive work ethics. I have formulated a more comprehensive view towards the accounting profession. Such experience is invaluable and could be something difficult to be thoroughly attained by simply sitting in classrooms or being in front of computers. At last, I sincerely look forward to joining similar programs in the foreseeable future!

King’s College

Before joining this programme, I have a strong interest in the field of IT industry. Therefore, I applied for this programme in order to explore the career path of IT industry. After a two-day experience in the IT department of Public Bank, I realized that there are so many things that we cannot learn from schools. Taking the knowledge of networking as an example, there are not much resources for us at school. We seldom have a chance to get in touch of those expensive appliances and we received most of the knowledge is from textbooks which may be outdated. But in this programme, I have a chance to visit the sever room. In that room, some staff explained the function of different parts which widened my horizon. Beside academic knowledge, the more vital thing that I learn is the requirement of IT industry. During these two days, I have talked with different managers. They shared their experience of interviewing candidates with me. All of them said that one’s mind is more important than one’s knowledge”. Having a logical mind is essential so that we can solve problems easily and quickly. In this programme, I have learnt many things which I could not learn from normal ICT lessons. Therefore, I wish to have more chances to participate in similar work experience programme.

Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary SchoolChau Hoi Yee

Rotary Work Experience Programme: LF Products Ltd part of Li Fung (Trading) Ltd 26/07/2016 – 28/07/2016 First of all, I would like to thank Rotary for giving me this opportunity to join the work experience program. During the work experience program, my classmate and I were assigned to the Technology Department. Our mentors Leo and JF helped us a lot when we were getting into trouble. During the ‘work’ day, we tested the headphone and prepared the powerpoint presentation about power bank. We also joined a meeting with the company’s clients on the discussion over the design of the Halloween costumes in the Show Room. This experience was eye-opening. I realised that there was so much we should prepare in advance. I was also grateful to our mentors for introducing Li Fung to us so that I have a better idea of the operation and details of the company. We also had a taste of doing the general work in an office and reflected on the skills required. I enjoy this program very much. I hope I will prepare well in everything in future, especially in my HKDSE. Chances are opened for those who prepare. Therefore I will work hard and hopefully join a good company like Li Fung. I would like to thank once again my mentors Leo and JF, Principal Lee, the Career Mistress Ms. Lee and the School Development Officer from the Education Bureau Ms. Chan for giving me such a wonderful experience.

Rotary Mock Interview Workshop

Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary SchoolChan Wing Lam

After this activity, I have first tasted how a real interview is like and what employers and interviewers wish to see from the interviewees. It is remarkable to see and meet numerous businessmen and rotarians who are willing to teach and guide the freshmen of society to meet the requirements.If we cannot yet meet the requirements, then they would prepare us for them. I have learnt lots of skills in the interview workshop, e.g. how to impress the interviewers from the first step into the room and to be confident.

Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary SchoolLola Hung

This workshop is beneficial for me to prepare and attend my interviews in the future. It is pleasant to have some genuine feedback from the mentors. Their opinions are undoubtedly valuable and inspiring. I believe the CV writing and interview skills will help me a lot.

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