Journalism Education Foundation

Free flow of information and freedom of the press are key pillars of Hong Kong’s success. The Journalism Education Foundation Hong Kong Limited (The Foundation) will try to strengthen Hong Kong’s advantages in these areas by grooming outstanding journalists through organising training programmes and through media education programmes.  The Foundation also seeks to nurture informed readers, listeners and viewers, and promote public appreciation of the positive role played by the media in the society.

As such, the Foundation has been holding Media Workshop for Secondary Students for the past 8 years in conjunction with the Education Bureau of the Government of HKSAR. Every year, about 200 Secondary Students, mostly from Form 4 to 6, will be benefitted from this kind of workshops in the form of visits to media organisations, lectures, group discussions and presentations, and sharing with experienced journalists, all held within one day. It is well received by the secondary schools in Hong Kong.
Middle School Students' Media Education Workshop

Lingnan Secondary SchoolSamantha Ko

In July, I attended a journalism workshop. This workshop is divided into two parts.  The first part is visit a radio broadcasting company and the next part of the workshop is learning the skill to analyze news.  At the visit to the radio broadcasting company, I explored its operation and how their TV production team managed to produce a TV programme.  After that, we had a chance to try their news producing facility. Then all participants learned and tried to analyze news in small groups. This was the most impressive part of the workshop.  In the workshop we also tried to compare different news reports on their accuracy of using suitable words, their stance and the length of the report. From this workshop, I learnt that every newspaper and media have their different credibility and stance. Furthermore, this is a great experience for me to enhance my critical thinking and I believe that this is really enriching my learning progress in Liberal Study.

Lingnan Secondary SchoolWu Xiaohong

I participated in the “Media Education Workshop for Secondary School Students” in July. I am glad to join this workshop. Although it lasted one day, it benefited me a lot. Before taking part in this workshop, I used to think the journalists are some paparazzi who want to find shocking stories about famous people and it is really disgusting. However, after attending the workshop I understand the jobs of reporters are to guard and protect people's right. I am grateful that I am living in a city where there is freedom of press. With the reporters who work their fingers to the bone, I believe freedom of press in Hong Kong would not fade out. Apart from that, I have also seen a lot of hi-tech tools used by the press, and I am pleased to have an opportunity to use all of them.

HKCCCU Logos AcademyCatherine Yeung and Lambert Wong

The one-day workshop was inspiring. We visited Commercial Radio and better understood how a newsroom operated.  We also learnt that journalism is and will never be easy. Apart from carrying heavy equipment while on duty, journalists also have heavy responsibilities: finding the truth as well as reporting it fairly and comprehensively. Ms. May Chan, News Controller of Commercial Radio, gave us a thought-provoking talk. She pointed out the need to listen attentively to others. In the activity, we not only learnt more about journalism, but also learnt how to be a better person.

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