Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is a British value-for-money retailer focusing on our own label businesses, including Food, Clothing and Home housewares. We are dedicated to selling high-quality, and great-value own-brand products in the UK and internationally. We have over 1,500 stores and 70,000 colleagues globally, serving nearly 30 million customers each year.

Through the “Business-School Partnership Programme”, M&S hopes to support the students to explore, engage more, and maybe even unleash their potentials in the retail industry by offering letting them go through a hands-on, and frontline sales experiences in our stores. We also aim to enhance their basic knowledge about the retail industry, with a view today a solid foundation on them and encouraging more talented students individuals to join this challenging and exciting and challenging industry in the future.

Work Experience

Good Hope SchoolKian Lam

I had a taste of the work as a sales clerk at Marks and Spencer. We were assigned to help out at the Ladies clothing and were given various tasks such as folding clothes neatly into a pile, arranging clothes according to sizes and helping out at the counter. These tasks seemed like a piece of cake to the staff members, who finished them effortless and kept shop operations running smoothly, yet after having first‐hand experience, I realized that it was all due to their concerted effort and thousand times of practice. I have also learned the importance of communication between staff members and customers. We have to smile and greet customers politely, take the initiative to approach customers and try our best to answer their queries. As we are new to the working environment, we were not familiar with the operations of the shop and the features of its products. We encountered some difficulties during the working experience but overcame them with help from staff members. The workplace experience is surely rewarding, which equipped me with skills to tackle problems in real world situations and gave me an insight to the working environment and daily operations of a retail store. I look forward to participating in others work experiences and taking up new challenges.

Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)Singh Karandeep Pansotra

The internship organised by our school was a great experience for me. It helped me realise how much work people do to make everything look professional and it’s not as easy as it looks. I made many new friends and gained a lot of knowledge about working at the front line operation. The staff was really helpful and friendly too. Since it was my first time working, I did make a lot of mistakes at the beginning. However, they patiently taught me and were very nice. When I didn't know how to communicate with some customers in Chinese, they would help me with it. I hope our school will organize more activities like this internship.

King’s CollegeNg Cheuk Yu

Tidying up, approaching to the customers are the known actions of sales. But, is it just a piece of cake? Definitely ‘NO’ after joining the working experience of Marks and Spencer. In these 3 days, I have learnt a lot of skills such as filling the stocks, packing the goods, marking down the price etc. These are something that I haven’t tried before. Apart from the skills, I got mentally improved as well. I become more patient, willing to focus for a long time even on a tiny work. Moreover, I did try finishing my work perfectly, to make sure the customer feel comfortable when they come to the store. Thus, it helps me to become an all-rounded person! That’s a sorely wonderful experience! I must join again if there is any chance.

CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary SchoolLi Chak Ki

After working in Marks and Spencer, I learnt a lot of working experience. In the Marks and Spencer, we would see many people and tourists. Some of them came from other countries. Some of them came from Hong Kong and China. Therefore, we needed to use different kinds of languages to communicate with them, such as English, Cantonese and Putonghua. I became more confident to talk to each other. Besides, I learnt some folding-clothes skills from it. I could enhance the efficiency of folding clothes. I could fold clothes faster than before. Also, I knew the importance of working on time. It was a first impression to others. If you gave a bad impression to your colleagues, t was not easy to repair.

HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary SchoolJEHAN Ansah

Me and my two schoolmates joined and went to Marks and Spencer working experience activity. We went to the Mong Kok store for 3 days internship from 3 pm to 7 pm. It was very good experience for me as it will be helpful to me in my life. I enjoyed a lot; the staff was so polite, friendly and nice to us. Customers are first priority for this company .They taught us to keep everything tidy and up to date. It also help me to experience the real society life. I don’t have words to describe my feelings I feel like this was a golden chance for me to experience in this company. I also learn how to cooperate with costumers and staff. I feel so happy that mostly costumers communicate in English there, so it was also easy for me and I am glad to saw that because I am so bad in Chinese language. I love the food there. I wish such programmers should be held more.

Good Hope SchoolSabrina Or

It was a memorable experience for me though it was only three day of working. In these three days, our work was repetitive yet interesting. We had to fill and organize the stocks on the food shelves and fridge, assist customers, let customers taste the food product, find out expired products, organize the expiry dates of the products, find out products which will be expired the other day, reduce prices starting from 6:30pm by entering their codes into the computer and sticking labels, sweep the floor etc. You will find satisfaction in it though you may feel bored because of the repeating actions. I also learnt that as I perform my best, others can feel it and more they would like to teach me because they see that I am an active learner. Being guided by a senior staff, I also learnt that they have to be creative and decisive. I knew that the senior have to arrange the products into different patterns so as to attract customers to buy them.

St Mark’s SchoolDai Ka Man

Learn more on operation. The programme provided opportunies to know that the sales need to understand the way to communicate with the customer. Besides, social skills are important to the society as most of the jobs require communication. Can practice on talking to others for giving a good impression. It also helps to know more about personal interest.

HKMA David Li Kwok Po CollegeLam Hin Kwan

Through this working experience programme, I have learnt how to be a good salesperson. I have learnt we have to protect our display tables and keep them in a good condition. It is because the manager told me that the display products placed on the table will give the first impression to the customers so we need to make sure that the products on the table are very tidy and clean. However, there were always some customers who messed the table to find their sizes. When we saw this happen, we should help them actively and immediately in order to keep the table neat. Secondly, I have learnt to be punctual. Although our tardiness will not affect the firm's daily operation, it is about the integrity and our morality. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the Marks and Spencer staff who took care of us in these few days and to Marks and Spencer for giving us a great experience to be a salesperson.

TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial CollegeCandy Fu

I have participated in the programme of being a worker of Marks and Spencer for three days. This was an amazing experience that I have never had. I learnt a lot of knowledge in this event, not only how to work in a shop, but also some tips on how to be a considerate and count-on person, which is beneficial to me. Apart from these, the programme also provides a chance for me to know my weaknesses and let me to alter my poor behavior. The job duty was that I needed to fill and tidy up the products, it seems easy. Yes, actually it was easy to complete the job, but it was hard to make it perfect. Our managers taught us that we ought to check the expiring date of the products carefully. As it is illegally to sell the overdue products, so this step is very important. Our team leaders said you needed to think about what you always expected when you were a customer, then did them when you were a salesperson. It was the most unforgettable for me to understand why some workers are enthusiastic to their job and also encourage me to do my best in these three days. As a worker, difficulties occur too. This programme provides an opportunity to me to overcome my weaknesses. I am not to be shy and timid now. I can bold enough to tackle customers' problems and also active enough to introduce the new products to them. These three days let me be a careful and cautious person, since you work for a food shop, you need to be tidy and detail-minded to handle the products. This activity gives me a chance to know more myself and gain work experience. I am looking forward to join the next similar event, which is meaningful to teens.

Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)Cheung Wing Suet

This was my first time that I have worked experience. When I worked in Marks and Spencer, I could learn a lot of thing, especially in the job content of men's department, women's department, food department. I passed these department store when I am shopping, I want to know that how to keep all goods is neat, so guests can convenient shopping. I was impressed that when I worked in the men's department and women's department, we need to tidy up the clothes cleanly, and in the food department, I also tidy up the food cleanly. I felt boring to work in these store, because the job duties are repeated to do same thing every day. After the work experience, I can improve my self-confidence and talk to another people bravely. I hope I can join the work experience at next time.

Good Hope SchoolNg Kei Wing Kathleen

This workplace experience was a great opportunity to learn. I used to be taken care by my family members and seldom do housework. When I worked in the Men’s department on the first day, I have learnt how to fold and hold long trousers with a hanger properly. Also, I have served different customers on that day which I became braver when talking to customers. On the second and third day, I worked in the Food department. I have helped to put the products on the shelf. Although I was quite tired after these 3 days, it is truly a great experience. The staffs in Marks and Spencer are very nice and have taught me a lot of things. They helped me to get used to the environment and are willing to answer our questions. The customers were also very polite to us. I hope I can have more chances to gain other workplace experiences which would probably help me identify my interests, abilities and career orientations.

St. Antonius Girls' CollegeNg Yuen Ling

I am glad to participate in the Business-School Partnership Programme with Marks and Spencer for 3 days. It was a very good and an unforgivable experience. Thought this experience, I have learnt a lot of new things. For example, how to face the customers when they asked you some questions. I enjoyed packing the goods for the customers very much. It was because it made me feel satisfied. Moreover, I have learnt how to communicate with my partners thought this programme. I enjoyed these 3 days in Marks and Spencer. The staff is very nice and keen to teach you.I am looking forward to the next work experience.

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary SchoolInka Rosi

I'm very thankful for this opportunity for work experience. I’ve never knew what it feels like to work but this gave me the chance to experience the reality working society. It was very fun, the people in charge were very polite and friendly towards us. We faced no discrimination at all and I felt very welcomed. Most importantly they encouraged us a lot and made us very positive about this job. It also helped me encounter people in real life. I got the chance to communicate with outsiders and even became more confidence of Chinese speaking skills. The days and time were perfect. I would love to join this programme.

Cheung Chuk Shan CollegeChau Lydia Wing Guy

During these three days of work, I had the chance to have a taste of what it is really like to be a salesperson. I learnt to appreciate the hard work and effort put by the staff in order to run the shop in a systematic way and maintain everything in the right order. While I was working, I had to face many customers who asked questions that I did not necessarily knew about. But I still overcome the problems by trying to answer them myself, or asking other staff for help, which really helped boosted my intercommunication skills. In addition, while I was working at the menswear section, I learnt a lot of information that I always neglect in daily life, such as distinguishing the fabric of clothes and learning how to understand the icons on the clothes tag. Overall, I learnt so much more outside the classroom and it was an excellent experience. I look forward in participating similar programme once again in the near future.

Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)Jasmine Fan Sze Man, Richard Fan

This is the first time I joined a work place programme. I learnt the operations of a store and how things work daily in the shop. The experience is fruitful because I also met a lot of customers and had to handle problems on my own. I hope I can have a similar chance to join the event soon.

Good Hope SchoolChoco Ng

I was very happy that I had the chance to try to work in the Mark and Spencer, which really helped me to understand more about the retail industry. In these three days, I tried tidying up the shelves, shelving goods, helping out with the tasting sessions etc. I found out that working in a retail store is much more difficult and exhausting than I had imagined. The salesmen need to stand all day long and answer different questions from customers. They also need to keep a good relationship with other colleagues so as to ensure the smooth running of the store. Through this programme, I learnt that I need to be more active. During the tasting session, I was required to give out some sweets or biscuits to the customers to taste, I needed to ask them actively so that I could catch their attention. I also needed to ask the staff actively whenever I had any questions so that they could help me. After this experience, I understood that the retail industry is more complicated than I had imagined. I think it is an interesting experience and I may consider joining the retail industry in the future.

St Bonaventure College & High School

In this experience, I really benefit a lot. I have never done anything related to the retail business. This experience gives me an idea of how the retail industry works, and I have had a different experience and try, such as placing the goods, not random, but Category, everything is for the convenience of customers to buy. In addition, there are promotional activities, such as promoting candy, through different customers to sell and talk, I am even more bold to talk to every customer, even foreign tourists, I will courage to assist him. Moreover, the store's other staff is very friendly, but also taught me a lot of things, so in this activity I really have an unforgettable experience.

HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary SchoolFAISAL Mawra

Me and my two schoolmates have joined and went to the Marks and Spencer working experience project. We went to the Mong Kok shop for three days for the programme. We had to reach there at 3 in the afternoon and the dismissing time was 7 in the evening. It was an awesome experience. Through this programme I learnt a lot which I couldn't learn from books. Their companies mainly focused on the service of the shop, customers are always on the first place. They also taught us how to keep the place tidy and organized. I learnt to cooperate well with my school mates too. But the most important is I learnt that my school life and the real society life are a lot different. Now we learn and give test but in real society, we give test and then learn. And it’s not easy. I'm going to graduate in the year 2017 and I have to be prepared. The experience was useful and also fun. I wish i could join such programme again in the future.

Ho Lap College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)Tse Cheuk Kiu

The retail experience helped understand the practical routines in this industry and attitudes and skills required for the relevant job. This broadens understanding of the society and increases potentials for work in the future.

Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary SchoolKan Wai Shan

During those three days working in Marks and Spencer, I feel I have been grow up be an adult and learn a lot. In those three days I learned how to serve the costumers and guest that are foreign, some foreign are come from Mainland China, America…… My most unforgettable experiences during those three days working in Marks and Spencer is one of the top manager was share his working experiences to me and also he told me a lot things about the subject: Marketing. He taught me the basic about marketing and teach me how to increase the satisfaction of the costumers. If we can increase the satisfaction of the costumers most of the costumer will get loyalty and having a lower failure cost.

St Bonaventure College & High School

I remember the experience before participating in the plan, I was full of curiosity, a retailer every day what is the work? Apart from anything else, I took part in the event with my classmates. Although this activity can not receive salary, but I can get in the activities of incomparable benefits. I remember the first day, the manager will follow me Miss Suki learn about the work of the retailers to do every day. From folding clothes to the size of the clothes sort, they have done the best. I was most impressed by the work in the women's department, I saw all the customers just keep messing clothes folded, can not help but make me feel angry. The next two days I was in charge of the food department and the clothing department. The manager asked me to keep the food back, but also I put the food neat. The most I feel very happy post is responsible for the test food activities, seeing a bit of my customers to promote the purchase of a can of food, before the hard feeling began to no. Finally, I am very grateful to Martha staff for my care. Lunch time is still all the way for me to take take-away, I do wrong things are still carefully taught me. Seeing that they have been holding fast to their posts, doing everything very seriously. I admire them very much.

Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)Yu Lai Na

Feeling honored and lucky, I could join this programme. I got a lot of experiences from working as a front-line staff. I was busy to deal with the difficult work but I enjoyed working on it. I could communicate with many foreign tourists so I became more confident and had more courage to communicate in English which is not my native language. The difficult part was that I need to stand for long. Also, the work challenged my patience. When you tidied up the clothes and found the customers making the clothes disorderly, you would feel very fretful. However, this is a good chance to for me to grow up.

Good Hope SchoolShirley Li

Before I start working, I really did not expect to learn so much from my work. I was excited on the first day of the work experience. However, I started to feel the responsibility of work afterwards. But it trained as we became more and more familiar with our work, what to speak and what to do. And the biggest change for us is our confidence, on day 1 and 2 we were so shy to greet the customers. However on day 3, we tried our best and did it well. Thank you the EDB, the school and Marks and Spencer in giving us this opportunity to gain work experience, we learnt a lot.

Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)Singh Ashwandeep

The internship program taught me how to multitask while under pressure, the importance of remembering the information of products and their locations. This can help me prioritise important things and manage school life at the same time. I realised that I am not that bad in Chinese because I could communicate in Chinese during the internship with my colleagues and customers. I would like to thank the teachers who offered me this internship for these important life lessons.

Hong Kong True Light College

During these 3 days working experience at Marks and Spencer, I learnt the ways to fill up the food on shelves by using the correct posture. Sales are required to know where the products are put and understand how to provide help for customers. Many customers asked for my help but I have no idea how to as my English proficiency are not that well, which makes me want to improve such. If I can learn how to be a cashier, it would be a lot better as this is a must if I selected this job in the future, and having learnt this skill before would definitely be a great help. If there are another workshop like this, I would definitely join again.

HKMA David Li Kwok Po CollegeLam Ka Ki

First, I want to thank Marks and Spencer for providing me a precious opportunity to join the program. I learned many things and gained a lot of experience from the program, like tidying products, serving customers and communicating with partners. The staff are nice and willing to teach me. I enjoy working in Marks and Spencer because I felt happy and comfortable during work. Although working is tough, I enjoy doing so. I hope I can join the program again next time.

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary SchoolFakhra Jabeen

It was really a good opportunity for me to work in the big company Marks and Spencer . The Staff Members were really caring and friendly. They were so nice to us and take really good care of us. I felt very happy to experience the three-day work, because it taught me a lot of new things, it made me more confident and I learned to communicate with other people more, even though I'm a bit shy person. The job was about helping others to find the clothes they want, for example by size and different colour, because some people don't know what size is good for them, so they ask for help. Except this we have to do the things what our staff told us to do, it was really tiring but I seriously enjoyed doing this job. And I gave my best to it. I hope in future I can get the job in their company, and learn more. It was like making new memories. I’m so thankful for this opportunity . I hope I get more different work experiences to do. Thanks.

CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary SchoolChan Kun Yu

I am honoured to have a chance to work in Marks and Spencer, and I am so happy that I can learn a lot of things here. First, I learn how to communicate with the people from other countries. When I don’t know how to answer their questions by using English, I will also try my best to tell them how they can do. And I also learn that it’s not easy to be a salesman in Marks and Spencer , because the salesmen in Marks and Spencer need to be good at English and Putonghua. It is very useful for them to communicate with people from other countries. Also, they need to have good speaking skills so that the customer will want to buy the goods more than before.

Hon Wah College

As a secondary school student, I should gain more practical experience outside school instead of only studying hard all the time. Marks and Spencer has provided me such an opportunity to work as a sales person in a real working place. After the three days, I realize that the reality is often more complicated than what I have learnt from my textbook. I have to make smart decisions based on different individual situations. I would like to thank each of the staff who helped me adapting to the working environment on these three days.

St Bonaventure College & High School

Before I came to this experience, I knew very little about the sales industry. I just thought they only need to put the goods on the shelves once a day and collect the cash. But after I had a three-day experience, I really understand the plight of the retail trade, to face the strange demands of different customers, to enter the warehouse and a long time standing, and in the order of goods is also very particular about. But as our customer, we often rude to them. But their work is so great that we should treat each other with courtesy. Plus, I understand the experience in the strength of their own. Finally, I would like to thank Marks and Spencer for setting up this program.

Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)Tang Nga Wai

It's my pleasure to do the work. I think the work must be easy to handle at the first time. However, when I first day to work, i think there are many work to do for example arrange the clothes and jeans. Also, there are different sizes, so we need to rank the size of clothes and jeans. This time, we need to stand up for a long time. Although there are very hard and very different to school, i can earn many experiences in this time.

Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)Li Kam Yan Lauren

For three days, we had to work continuously on the same fields we were assigned to. I am thankful that we got a once in a lifetime for an internship at Marks and Spencer, an internationally well-known company. I got to know how the retail industry works. Despite the long hours of work, I think that it's worth it. I would like to thank the Education Bureau for giving this work opportunity to us. Without it, I wouldn't even know how a big company works in the retailing industry.

TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial CollegeHui Mei Ying

We spent three days at Marks and Spencer. During the days, we tried to filling tidying up and checking the products. This experience helped me to understand more about retailing. The operations are not as simple as I think. If we embark on something, we need to learn more details. I think if we can know more and try more could be better.

Sheung Shui Government Secondary SchoolLam Ying Wai

I am very honored to participate the Three Days Work experience activity held by the BSPP. Three days at Marks and Spencer Food Shop, I earned valuable experience which beyond my expectations. On the first day, I arrived at the shop and was puzzled that the store is so small. However, it amazed me that it could accommodate different types of food such as cold and bread and were displayed orderly and attractively. I was really surprised and learnt that good planning can settle undesirable constraints. While we were working in Marks and Spencer, teachers and classmates visited us. We were deeply encouraged by their warm supports. In this activity I had chance to communicate with foreigners in English. Asking questions and filling the questionnaires, I discovered that I was also able to communicate with strangers bravely which I could not experience in class.

Good Hope SchoolJanice Lee

During the three days internship in Marks and Spencer, I have experienced the taste of working and I did learn a lot. First and foremost, I observed the operation of a large retail store and the role of store manager. Throughout the day, every staff performed their duties according to the daily staffing. The systematic arrangement made me feel impressed. Moreover, I learnt how to communicate with customers and provide suggestions on their choices. In these three days, besides communication with customers, collaboration with Marks and Spencer staff was also important. I need to cooperate with them and help the staff to do some assistant work like in the fitting room, my mentor would fold clothes and I would lead the customers to the empty fitting room. Furthermore, I learnt problem‐solving skills as I need to cope with customers questions and I needed to help to find out the answer by asking my mentor or checking out for them. Last but not least, I would like to thank all the staff members in Marks and Spencer Festival Walk shop for their caring and useful guidelines throughout these three days.

HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary SchoolKHAN Asmaarah

During the three days, I learnt so much such as efficiency skills and i learnt to both coorporate and work on my own individually. Words are not enough to describe my feeling and achievements. The three days of work was far more precious than anyone's imagination. Joining this programme was a golden opportunity for me and I value the experience a lot. I believe such programmes should be held more often and for a longer period, also there should be more vacancies available as there are a large number of interested people.

Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)Wan Pui Shan

In this three-day of work experience, I learned lot knowledge, but this knowledge can not to learn in the school or text book, such as how to fold clothes and other goods. Moreover, many customers are come from different country, so I need provide service to them and solve their questions. Therefore, it can improve my communication and solve problem skills. Lastly, thank you Marks and Spencer give me a chance to get some work experience.

TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial CollegeChan Shan Ni

In this Marks and Spencer intern experience activity, I have learnt from Marks and Spencer staffs. They taught me many about Marks and Spencer's food such as how to fill in, check the food date and lining up the food etc. The most important thing is that the staffs taught me about the coffee's knowledge. As I was young, I desired to know more about the coffee knowledge and I was so grateful that the staffs told me about it. Thanks to the Marks and Spencer staffs, I could push up my confidence when I was selling to the customers. Last but not least, it really helped in my work experience and made me do such work more efficiently which really improved my 3D characters --- decisive, diligent and detail-minded. I was so delighted that Marks and Spencer and the education office gave me this cherish opportunity. As you all know, "make hay while the sun shines.” Thank you.

Caritas Chai Wan Marden Foundation Secondary SchoolWong Lin Chun

I have learned a lot after this learning holiday. I understood that communication and cooperation is extremely important. Moreover I learned to be patient to the customers who are demanding and making trouble without real reasons. I have to be initiative and effective in tidying the clothes and also for other position when they are in need. I understand that working is really hard. I will work hard in my academic results. I will try to join more of these working experiences. I have to find my interest and potential so as to find a suitable and meaningful job.

St. Antonius Girls' CollegeMak Ling Sum

I feel thankful to take part in Business-School Partnership Programme with Marks and Spencer for 3 days. It is an excellent experience to be a shop assistant for experiencing their work. I learnt a lot of new working skills such as tiding the shelf and answering customers' question. What's more is I enjoying packaging the products of customer since I can learn how to have good communicate with others. Lastly, take part in this programme not only can learn working skills also can help me to think more about my future.

Good Hope SchoolYannes Wong

After joining the Marks and Spencer Program, I experienced how work life is. Before, I didn’t have any work experience and thought that work as a salesperson is not too difficult. However, after this I realized the difficulties of being a salesperson as I needed to stand for many hours and there was only an hour’s time of lunch and 15 minutes break and when I was assigned to the female fitting room I thought it was quite a tough time that I experienced as suddenly there may be a large group of people waiting for fitting. I also think that being a salesperson can also help me embrace my communication skills to face customers with different characteristics. Lastly, I think that joining this program can also make me understand how Marks and Spencer works as I am interested in joining the retail and marketing industry.

Good Hope SchoolNicole Yuen

After working for 3 days as one of the front‐line staff in a big company, I gained much experience that could not be learnt in a classroom, including communication, self-management and other life skills. Also, this was a very precious experience that I can truly experience how hard money is gained from our parents. As a shy person, while being a front‐line staff is all about taking the initiative to serve, being shy is just not the rule, this programme taught me to be more proactive and be willing to welcome and approach strangers. Although I felt tired after standing few hours every day at work, I think it was a wonderful experience to gain work experience. Overall, this was a very precious work experience and I would definitely participate in the upcoming or similar events.

Saviour Lutheran School

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate - Marks and Spencer Retails Experience Workshop. In this workshop, I learn the skills of how to tidy up the clothes and stock refilling. Furthermore, I comprehend the importance of timely manner and communication. I remember I was feeling exhausted to keeping the clothes organized neatly, but I am deeply satisfied with it nicely displayed in the shop. I found this activity meaningful and I would like to thank you for the encouragement from my teachers and parents. Also, I would like to special thank you for Marks and Spencer’s staffs for unconditional support and guidance, which enhance my experience and knowledge. I will not miss any chance to participate in any similar workshop in the future, I think it is a very good experience to understand different job role responsibilities.

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary SchoolZulakha Farooq

I think joining this activity was my best decision and getting selected to do this. It was a very amazing experience for me because I have never ever thought about working at Marks and Spencer maybe because I don't speak Chinese and never thought of it as a job. But now because of the experience I had with my two fellow friends on how to fold clothes and find wear a piece of clothing belongs which was my favorite cause it was like finding the treasure although i got tired in the end of the day, I had a lot of fun and looked up to the next day. The break timings were very perfect and gave us a time to relax a little bit and got to eat the food they had provided us in the staff room. I loved how every staff member was very friendly and helped me a lot. And especially when I had problems with my Chinese, and by the end I did know how to answer some customers. I would recommend many other people to join this activity because it can give you an idea of how working is and maybe helpful to decide what you want to do for your career.

Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial CollegeYeung Pui Yi

We worked at Marks and Spencer for 3 days. We experienced being a sales. I've tried working at different area like mens, womens and laundry( as I recall which sells bras and some under garments). I enjoyed working at laundry the most since I could see a lot of different designs of bras. A very experienced sales, Amy taught me how to cope with customers' problems like answering the details about some usage of coupons and distinguishing the sizes of bras and categorising them. The most unforgettable and speechless moment was that when I was folding some t-shirts of a shelf which is for clothes on sale, two women are seeing the tags of the t-shirts and throwing them away ruthlessly. It broke my heart. I had to literally tidy up the whole shelf again, though i was discontent with what the two women did, I still had to do my job. This was a good lesson for me as well. The other staff there treated us very nicely as well. We'd got to eat whatever we wanted to eat that were placed in the pantry. Snacks like chocolates and cookies stuffed our stomaches those days. To conclude, it was the best working experience I've ever had.

Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)Pang Anabel Se Zhu

The three-day internship at Marks and Spencer was a valuable experience for me. I got to understand how a store operates in the front line. The staff were all very friendly. Although I made certain mistakes, they would patiently explain how to deal with the things in different situations. During the internship, I also had the chance to practice my Cantonese in real life, which made me realize the importance of speaking fluent Cantonese in Hong Kong. Therefore, I am very grateful that I could participate in this event. I hope I can have more opportunities to take part in similar activities in the future.

Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)Lo Yeung Dan

First of all, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Education Bureau and Marks and Spencer. Your joint work gives me such a great chance to learn and experience some new things. I gain a lot from these 3 days of work, I am sure I know how to be a good Marks and Spencer employee now. I learn how to label markdown, how to fill the goods, how to reply to customers’ request. These are what I haven’t experienced in my life before. The most unforgettable and funny moment is when my colleague and I worked together in an icehouse with temperature of around -13 degree Celsius. It was very cold and I couldn’t imagine I can feel such coldness in Hong Kong. Our duty was to remove the unnecessary ice in the icehouse. It was a tiring but memorable job. After taking part in the activity, I become more mature when dealing with others. Finally, I just want to say thank you again to the Education Bureau, Marks and Spencer and also my school.

Shek Lei Catholic Secondary SchoolLai Hiu Yan

It is an unforgettable experience for me to work in Marks and Spencer since I have never worked in an international retail store before. In those three days, I had many opportunities to talk with foreigners. I have become more willing to speak English as it was the only language for us to communicate with each other. I feel glad when I could provide help for customers. In addition, I understand the importance of division of labour. It is amazing that a shop of such a large scale can keep running all the day efficiently with only ten employees! The job I loved most was to decorate the food shelves. Apart from tidying up them, I was also trying to make them attractive and easier to catch customers’ sight. Finding something interesting in the job makes the job worthwhile doing. I will recommend my friends to join this kind of workshops in the future because I have really learnt a lot from this invaluable experience.

Lui Ming Choi Lutheran CollegeVivian Yim

Firstly, I'm so appreciate that I have a chance to work at Marks and Spencer . It is such a golden opportunity. I gained a lot of knowledge about how to be a excellent seller in there. Before I participate in this program, I thought it is just a easy task of being a seller. As I only need to sell some products to our customers and that's all. Yet, after the three days work experience in Marks and Spencer , the staff teach me that being a excellent seller not only need to realise the product in detail, for instance the quality and the feature of the shirt , but also require to have a good manner. It just like you should treat every customer kindly and patiently. You also require to be a responsible seller. These are the knowledge that I can't learn it through my text books. Besides, the staff of Marks and Spencer are friendly, they treat us very well and teach me a lot of how to be a successful person. To let us know the different aspect of Marks and Spencer , they send us to different departments, for example working at food department or women department. Although I always forget some simple details, all the staff are willing to teach us. Meanwhile, they talked to us and encouraged us when we feel sleepy or tired. How that sweet. That's why we become friends quickly. Until now, I still visit them when I’m passing the Marks and Spencer . I'm so pleasant to met them and they are so glad to see me again as well. Working at Marks and Spencer will be an unforgettable experience in my life. I hope one day I can work in there as a part time seller!

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary SchoolKaynat Zainab

I really liked this workshop, I've learned a lot from it as it was my first job experience. I was able to make more communications with different people in Chinese. I learned how do a sells manages everything like handling customers and the shop. I've learned how to keep my self clam and active for work. It helped me build up a bit of confidence to face the public, I'm very happy with my performance. It was a great work experience.

TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial CollegeChau Ka Yin

When I knew that I could join this programme, I felt very nervous about talk with other people in English. Because my English is so bad, so I was afraid of answer the question to the customers. Fortunately, the supervisors were very nice. They taught me about the inventory management and customer service skills. These are the valuable experience that I can use in the future. Therefore, thank you they use their time to teach me a lot of things. Moreover, I can improve the friendship with my classmates in this programme too. Because I need to work with other members in these three days, so it was the good chance to talk and work with them. All in all, this programme broadens my horizons. I am looking forward to join another programmes are the same as this.

Shek Lei Catholic Secondary SchoolCheung Chui Yi

I worked in men’s department of Marks and Spencer in the work experience programme. My colleagues are very nice. The most impressive task for me was distributing chocolates and saying Merry Christmas to everybody who entered the shop. I think it was an interesting job. After working for three days in Marks and Spencer, I think it’s difficult to be a saleswoman as they should know the location of every product in the shop and the details of product information clearly. Moreover, they need to have good English. Their job is not only tidying clothes! They are professional! In the future, I would like to choose a professional job and I know that I should study hard to get a better job.

True Light Girls’ CollegeWong Wai Ki

It is such a great experience that I can have a chance to work in Marks and Spencer for three days. Through the working, we can have more understanding about the retailer business. Also we had learnt a lot that we cannot learn in the lessons like the communicating skill with the customers. All the colleagues in Marks and Spencer helped us a lot and we also developed a friendship with them. We just like a family. They taught us the skills of solving problem with the customers and they really let us have a chance to use what we had learnt in the working. These three days is really a memorable experience.

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary SchoolAhmena Akhtar

It was a really great experience, joining this activity. I had a chance to work in this field it was quite interesting because I had never joined this type of activity or a part time job like this. It was my first time doing it. In this activity I learned how to fold clothes like a professional just like in all the shops and i learned that the clothes are placed in the order from the largest size to the smallest size on the top which i didn’t knew before. We had to communicate with the customers in Chinese because all of them were Chinese which improved our communication skills. It was really fun and our instructor was also very nice and kind she talked to us and ask us questions. It was really fun and i would love to join more activities like this.

Good Hope SchoolKelly Hung

On the 11th‐13th of February, I worked as a student helper in Marks and Spencer at the Festival Walk shop. Throughout these three days, I have experienced serving at the women’s fitting area, packing products at the cashier, looking after the women sales counter, and placing products at the food hall and men’s area. After this precious working experience, I have learnt more knowledge about the different sizes of clothing in the UK and Hong Kong, and some special symbols and signs on the products of Marks and Spencer, such as gluten‐free products, Fairtrade and insolia technology on high‐heels. Next time, I will not purposely flip through the clothes as a customer as I have experienced how tiring it is for the staff to fold the clothes back into good condition. I would like to thank the Education Bureau for organizing this meaningful programme, as it is definitely once‐in‐a‐lifetime experience to work as a student helper in Marks and Spencer. All the staff was very kind and helpful, and it also broadened my horizon about the retail industry in Hong Kong.

St. Antonius Girls' CollegeWong Lok Yiu

I feel very honored that the school offer me this wonderful opportunity to work in Marks and Spencer for three days. I feel so excited about that and I think it is my best time ever. I learn so much things through these three treasure days and I had been work for different department in Marks and Spencer. First day I work in men’s fitting and woman’s shoes. The second day I work in the food department and children’s wear. And the last day I work in the woman’s fitting and greeting. There are all my favourite jobs that I would like to try since I was little. And I think I know about fashion more deeper and also more clearer about my future goal! If there is a second opportunity like this, I would definitely want to try again!

King’s CollegeLaw Pak Hei

After joining this program, I learnt way more than I expected. It is not only about how to be a good shop assistant or gaining working experiences, but also building up correct working attitude, such as how to communicate with others and the importance of being integrity. At first, I was delighted to help packing up the stocks, however when I got more and more stocks to pack, I learnt the limitation of oneself and the importance of teamwork, so I tried to communicate with my colleagues and asked for help. During the working experience program, Marks and Spencer colleagues gave me good advices and patiently instructed me to fill up stocks and welcome customers. I have to say thank you to all Marks and Spencer colleagues, for being a good model of customer servicing, I learnt a lot from them. Finally, I sincerely apologize for not able to finish the whole program because of personal illness.

Hon Wah College

The experience was really unforgettable and I have learnt so much because of the working experience. During these three days, I understood more about the marketing practice of Marks and Spencer. Take the second working day as an example, although I felt bored because of the repeating job duties in the Women’s Department, I was proud of my work and I did not feel tired as I can help the guests solve their problems. I am really grateful that Hon Wah College, my secondary school, and Marks and Spencer have provided me such a special experience. I also hope that I can join more internship programmes in the future to broaden my horizons.

Good Hope SchoolKristin Leung

I went to the Hollywood Diamond Hill Shop on 4th to 6th of February for work experience. The period was right before the Chinese New Year and there were lots of customers. I spent 2 days at the food department and a day at the men’s department. I found out that checking the expiry date of products while lining them on the display shelves is very important as we do not want our customers to buy expired products. Also, learning how to read the care labels on the clothes is a new experience for me. It is a very fascinating experience for me to join the program and I meet a lot of nice staff at Marks and Spencer and they taught me a lot. I found myself more confident in starting a conversation and more willing to take initiative to do and learn things. This is a really valuable experience.

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