GS1 Hong Kong

Visit to Hong Kong Internet of Things Centre of Excellence

Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming CollegeLui Yee Man

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. The interconnection of these embedded devices is expected to usher in automation in nearly all fields, while also enabling advanced applications like a Smartphone Grid. It is a useful intermediary for us to accomplish some errand in our life. For example, in transport system, we have octopus cards to act as medium for passing through different places. Our life exists the Internet of Things everywhere which become a good partner for humans in future. Everyone will receive support from the Internet of Things. People can surely obtain advancement in the future to have a perfect life. It is fortunate for me to have an opportunity to learn more about the Internet of Things in this visit. I hope I can join this kind of activity in the near future.

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