Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

Work Experience

Heep Yunn SchoolNg Hoi Ching

There are enhancements on communication skills. The activity helps understanding more about the hospitality industry. There are also impacts on the plans for further studies and career development. The activity can learn more about the sports and recreation department of a hotel. There are a lot of duties for the staffs every day. Industry impression changes.

Heep Yunn SchoolWong Ching Man

In this activity, there is more knowledge about the daily operation of the sports and recreation department. The staffs are very nice and show communication skills with the hotel guests. It is very important to have a good attitude and always smile to the guests on this industry. Also, it is very glad to meet three new friends. Good team cooperation can speed up the working progress. The environment of the hotel was very nice and there is a great experience and memory in the hotel.

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