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Activity Highlight :
Health in Mind – Youth Mental Health Promotion Programme

CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary SchoolHuang Wan Ting

In the past few months, I participated in the “Health in Mind” Programme and learned a lot through this programme. Activities such as lectures, workshops, patients’ sharing and the city orienteering activity were held. They could enable us to understand the situation of the ex-patients with mental illness and the problems they faced. I found that they definitely need our support and encouragement which would enable them to integrate into the society without discrimination.

CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary SchoolLuk Pui Lam Christy

This year, I participated in the "Health in Mind" Programme and joined many activities. The interactive activities not only enhanced my understanding of mental illness, but also allowed me to get contact with ex-patients with mental illness and understand their lives. One of the activities which impressed me most was to design a statue with moon cake cans with the ex-patients. They were very nice and gave many constructive ideas. There were also many outdoor activities such as “Walking in the Sunny Say” and city orienteering which allowed me to talk with the ex-patients. They were also eager and willing to share with us their feelings. The programme included workshops and sharing by other ex-patients. I learned the causes of different types of mental illnesses and the difficulties in treating the illnesses. Through this programme, I gained more knowledge about mental health. More importantly, I have changed my attitude towards patients with mental illnesses. I also realised how discrimination from the public might affect them. I sincerely hope the community will pay more attention to this issue and help create a world without discrimination.

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