The Law Society of Hong Kong

The Law Society of Hong Kong is both the self-regulatory body and professional association for solicitors in Hong Kong. Its Pro Bono Committee oversees various pro bono schemes and projects in which members of the Law Society participated.

In collaboration with the Education Bureau in its "Business-School Partnership Programme", the Law Society aims to promote better co-operation and closer alliances between the legal sector and schools, lead students out of the classroom to gain a wider perspective of the world and get them better prepared for life in the society.

Visit to Department of Justice

Good Hope SchoolKarina Fu

The visit to the Department of Justice was an eye-opening experience. Interested in studying law programme, the officials answered many questions during the visit. Thus helped defining future paths. Was able seeing historical sites and understanding the stories behind them, with the opportunity to sit on the Chief Executive’s seat. Besides clarifying doubts towards future, there were also chances to have more knowledge on development of Hong Kong government and increased sense of belonging to the environment.

Good Hope SchoolMyra Kong

Through the visit, there was a lot of understanding about being a lawyer and the industry. After knowing more about a lawyer, there was a clearer plan for future career path, including the next step to enter this profession. Moreover, the tour included visiting some historical sites. These experiences brought closer look to the surroundings.

Visit to High Court and Legal Aid Department

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)Rosaline Chan

The visit to High Court was very interesting as I got to understand more about various features in a court trial. It was my second time to participate in a court hearing in the High Court, and this time, I was able to learn more about the oral techniques used by prosecutors and the work of a judge. Besides, the visit to the Legal Aid Department allowed me to have a glance on the work of government lawyers. I knew it was not easy to get into a law degree program, I still wanted to make it as my goal after this visit. Recommending this kind of visit, because it could help figuring out aspirations.

Visit to West Kowloon Law Courts Building cum Workshop on the Law of Hong Kong

Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School

After this activity, I have got a better understanding about the work of a lawyer and the local judiciary system. I learnt more about the structure of courts and the legal procedures in both civil and criminal law cases, as well as the pathways of being a legal professional. By learning about the system, we then can think of ways to safeguard social justice and bring fairness to the unprivileged. I acknowledged the importance of obeying the law and cherish our judicial independence. Law is not only the business of lawyers, judges, etc, but also belongs to everyone since it is a civil right and obligation to protect the rule of law. Ironically enough, law may have perceived by many as a tool for punishment but is actually a protection for all. This memorable programme equipped me with more information about the legal profession so that I can prepare myself to embrace the challenge better. Looking forward to similar activities. Finally, the hours spent in the court reinforced my passion for being a legal professional.

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