Sunshine Laundry Factory Co., Ltd.

Work Experience

Caritas Lok Jun SchoolWong Chi Yung

Thank you for providing the precious opportunity to experience in working in the laundry industry. I have acquired knowledge on folding clothes and got a deeper understanding of the laundry industry. This fruitful experience will help me a lot in my future. Thank you again to Sunshine Laundry and all the staff.

Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary SchoolLee Kwun Kuen

This working experience programme broadens students' horizons. In this programme, different skills related to the laundry industry, the Confucian managing skills of a company are taught during these three days. Skills taught are practical to be learnt as these kinds of skills are usually used in our daily life while no one is going to teach you. Furthermore, we are assigned to learn how to control some machines in the factory which is interesting but nearly impossible to be seen or used in daily life. As a conclusion, this working experience is rare and precious, it shall be recommended to all students.

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