Hong Kong Correctional Services Department

The Hong Kong Correctional Services Department (CSD) has always attached great importance to nurturing talents and recruiting elites to serve Hong Kong citizens. Correctional officers have to play the dual roles of being the society’s guardian and rehabilitation facilitator, as well as promoting community education. By performing these tasks, CSD helps persons in custody reintegrate into the society and rallies public support to them, with a view to reducing their likelihood of committing crimes again, thereby maintaining the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong.

Through the “Business-School Partnership Programme”, CSD wishes to allow more citizens to learn about the job of CSD in order to achieve the purposes of promoting community education and recruiting talents.

Disciplined Force Career Talk

Po Leung Kuk Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial CollegeCHOI Hiu Yee

The career talk gave me a chance to learn more two disciplined forces, fireservices and correctional services. After the detailed presentation of the speakers, I have a better understanding of these two careers, particularly the academic and fitness requirements. Also, the Question and Answer session let me knew more about the daily works of fireman and correctional officer. Besides, the fitness requirements of these disciplined forces are quite difficult to fulfill. However, that can motivate me to set a goal for myself, and to realize my dream step by step.

School Talk by Hong Kong Correctional Services Department

Jockey Club Government Secondary SchoolLeung Ka Hei

I participated in a talk which was about Hong Kong Correctional Services. Mr. Tam, the speaker who came from Hong Kong Correctional Department, introduced the jobs, the targets and the values of the department – integrity, professionalism, humanity, discipline and perseverance. Besides, he told us how to apply the jobs. After this talk, I think it is a difficult job and all the officers are so brave. They need to face a lot of challenges before they get this job, such as physical fitness test, written test, group interview and final interview. Since it is a difficult job, I am proud of them. I want to say thanks you to them.

Sheung Shui Government Secondary School

After this career expo and the talk from the Correctional Services Department, I now understand thoroughly the job duties, salaries and benefits of being an officer in the Department. Not only let me understand the daily working environment of the officers, but also the contributions from the persons under custody. The speaker also shared the entry requirement and the physical fitness test for the job. I would like to apply for the post of CSD officer, not only because of the good prospect of the job, but also I can help the peoplewho committed crime in society.

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