Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited

Established in 1950, HAECO Group is a world-class aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul service provider with business all over the world. HAECO Group's service scope includes aircraft engineering services such as base and field maintenance, cabin design and assembly solutions.

Through the Business-School Partnership Programme, HAECO Group provides talks and work experience programmes to support students’ whole-person development, and help them understand operations of the aircraft engineering industry, cultivate work attitudes and values, and prepare them to face future challenges. HAECO Group believes that business-school partnership can cultivate talented individuals, build a positive corporate image and make contribution to society.

Career Talk - Start you Aircraft Engineering Career with HAECO

Tsuen Wan Government Secondary SchoolCHOW Tsz-chun

I am glad to have a chance to attend the talk about aviation engineering. The presenter from HAECOwas well prepared and I got a lot of information about the background and structure of the company, the career prospects of trainees, how to become an employee of HAECO, and the fringe benefits that the employees enjoy. The information given in the talk is usefulas I can know more about how to become a qualified aviation engineer and get well prepared. I will consider this career option in the future.

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