The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) is the only surveying professional body incorporated by ordinance in Hong Kong with over 10,000 members. HKIS’s work includes setting standards for professional services and performance, determining requirements, training and professional qualification for admission as professional surveyors. HKIS has an important consultative role in government policy making on issues related to the profession.

HKIS strives to promote surveying profession to the younger generation over the years through the participation in the “Business-School Partnership Programme” of the Education Bureau. By participating in our career talks, secondary school students can understand more the roles surveyors play in the society and their career prospects. We hope to broaden the exposure of students and prepare them well for their future study and careers.

HKIS Thematic Talks

Shek Lei Catholic Secondary SchoolCheuk Wa Kit

The issue of aging problem of buildings in Hong Kong surprises me a lot. According to the figures shown by a lecturer, the number of old buildings in Hong Kong will be grown exponentially. It really raises my awareness on this issue and inspires me to think of the solution. I thought surveying industry was related to building services or architecture, in fact, it is not only about that, it also includes land, building maintenance and accounting… etc. At the end of the talk, the lecturer told us that we must have at least 30 points in HKDSE if we want to study surveying in university. Hence, I will try my best.

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