H.K.S.K.H. Tung Chung Integrated Services

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Integrated Services has been providing integrated services to residents in Tung Chung since 1997. In the spirit of people orientation, we provide services based on the needs of service users, and take community care as the service direction. We also help the youth to develop their potential, with a view to facilitating whole-person development.

Through taking part in the “Business-School Partnership Programme” of the Education Bureau, we hope to understand more about the needs of the youth and provide them with opportunities to develop their potential. By arranging work experience programmes for students, we offer students opportunities to experience the real workplace, through which students would develop good attitude so as to prepare well for study and work in the future.
Work Experience

香港青年協會李兆基書院Ko Ming Hei

This event gave me a deeper understanding of the reception work at the counter and assisting the team with class arrangements. What I did not expect was that this seemingly simple job widened my horizon. During the work experience, a child cried loudly because she found out that she was not accompanied by her parents after entering the classroom for a period of time. Comparing to my disorderly hands, the teachers there seemed to be accustomed to the situation and calmly comfort her with a gentle tone. This enabled me not only to learn the calmness needed when dealing with emergencies, but also to treat others with humility and courtesy during the reception work. I believe I can apply these experiences to different realms in the future.

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