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Canon Photomarathon Hong Kong - Student Ambassador Programme

HKMA Li Kwok Po CollegeLiu Chi Yau

It is my first time to be an official staff of such a big event with 2,600 people participated in it. In this activity, I was responsible for the registration of the participants and the upload of the photos. It was a special experience for me that I had to work with students from other schools and staff from Canon. It helps me to improve my communication skill and I learned how to take my own responsibility. It was interesting in the work of uploading the photos since a lot of beautiful and interesting photos were taken. I hope I can join similar activities in the future.

True Light Girls’ CollegeLi Yin

It was a rare experience to participate in this student ambassador programme and I learned valuable lessons from it. The five students from our school volunteered to work at a checkpoint. We needed to cooperate with five other buddies and took turns to stamp chops in participants’ passports as well as doing other work like crowd control and cheering. We could encourage participants with our broad smile after their hard work and encourage them to continue their journey with joy. These were, undoubtedly, very meaningful. When participants smiled to us in return, I could hardly suppress my excitement. It was a right decision for me to join this programme. Other than having working experience, I learned valuable lessons in planning and organising activities.

HKMA Li Kwok Po CollegeFong Chun Yin

In this event, I experienced how exhausted working could be. Being a worker is really a difficult task, which isn't as easy as I think. On that day, I kept running between the help desk and the service counter to help the competitors. There were around 2,600 competitors and we had to finish our jobs in 2 hours. I really thought it's a big challenge but I didn’t give up and insisted until the last minute. I really enjoy this event and I hope I can participate in programs of other occupations so as to gain more experience.

St. Clare's Girls' SchoolCrystal Cheung

After joining this activity, I have more exposure to our society. For instance, I learnt how a big event was organized from planning to implementation. I was impressed by the passion and hard work of all helpers towards their jobs. I think this is a very crucial factor why people can succeed in their workplace. I learnt that planning and rehearsing before acting are extremely important because we could know which parts were not well-organized and we could then make some improvements. All these allowed us to work out the plan smoothly later on. In the future, I hope participate more in these large-scale activities which I can apply what I have experienced and learnt from the events to my future career.

Diocesan Boys’ SchoolHo Ka Hei

In this job experience program, I worked for the event ‘Canon PhotoMarathon Hong Kong’ as a student ambassador. I was assigned to help distribute T-shirt in the morning and to upload photos from participants in the afternoon. From the whole day experience, I know the importance of being obedient. It is crucial to listen to the instructions from tutors to work in a proper way. I also learnt how to work efficiently and be patient especially when the work involved complicated procedures. Thank the Education Bureau and Canon for providing me such a precious and meaningful experience and I am looking forward to joining another programme in the near future.

Wong Shiu Chi Secondary SchoolWong Lok Tung

At the beginning of F5, I was fortunate to be a helper in the Canon Photomarathon 2014 Hong Kong to get work experiences through the activity and add some colours to my high school life. The jobs were independent and meaningful. Among those jobs, I was most impressed by the cheerleading part. I gave warm support to each participant in the race to make them full of energy and keep running to the finishing line. Some participants even came and thanked us for our support and encouragement. Though we did not know each other, they did not mind sharing their own experience and skills with all of us, which really made me feel touched. I appreciated their enthusiasm in this activity. I hope to have this kind of opportunity again to have the joy and learn from the experiences.

True Light Girls’ CollegeLi Yuhuan

The Student Ambassador Programme was a good learning opportunity. Maybe you have run a marathon, but have you ever thought that there is a photo marathon in Hong Kong? Having the chance to participate in such a grand competition as a student ambassador was really special. We volunteered to be checkpoint helpers. Though tiring, the decision proved to be correct. We not only could communicate directly with participants, but also talked with them and cheered them up. Whenever we greeted them and cheered for them, we all had one goal in mind: To make the competition an enjoyable and fun experience for participants. In return, I was pleased with participants’ greeting and warm smile which drove me to work harder. In addition, I also developed valuable friendships with other student ambassadors through good teamwork. In sum, participating in this programme was a valuable and rewarding experience to me.

Wong Shiu Chi Secondary SchoolLeung Ka Chun

In the past, communicating with strangers is my weakness. When I talked with strangers or answered their questions, I would feel very nervous. The Canon Photomarathon 2014 event let me work at the check point outside the Hung Hum Stadium and Hong Kong International and Convention Centre. Through this event, I worked with other groupmates and served totally 1600 participants. I noticed that it was not very hard to chat with strangers. If I am brave enough and keep smiling I become confident.

HKMA Li Kwok Po CollegeHo Sheung Man

It was my honour to take part in Canon Marathon 2015 activities. After I joined this program, I learned cooperate and establish the team spirit with others. After the event, we succeeded in the program. I hope I can have another chance to join a Business-School Partnership Programme again. Lastly, I would like to thank my teacher for granting me a chance to join this program.

Lingnan Secondary SchoolHung Sze Pui

The annual "Canon PhotoMarathon" ended on a high note on 22 November and it was really a memorable experience of being a student ambassador. Assisting in a large-scale event for the first time, I understand that solid planning and sound management are essential for a successful activity. On that day, my main duties were to distribute T-shirts to Marathon participants and upload their photos to the Central Computer System. My role sounded simple, but actually it was not easy to cope with huge crowds of runners. In handling the duties, keeping patience and paying attention to the designated obligation were very important. I am impressed that colleagues were willing to work together, help each other and solve the problem when encountering difficulties. Although it was only a short day's work experience, I have reaped tremendous benefits. I would like to thank the Education Bureau and my school for giving me an opportunity to participate in this meaningful event.

Diocesan Boys’ SchoolCheng Chun To

I was really surprised and flattered when I heard that I was chosen to join this job experience activity. It is my pleasure to have a chance to take this job and meet new friends from other schools which widens my social circle. I have learned that people management is of paramount importance in holding a large scale event. My communication skill has been improved by helping people upload photos in the afternoon session. I would like to express my gratitude to Canon and the Education Bureau to give me a precious chance to develop the generic skills and meet more people.

True Light Girls’ CollegeChan Sin Ying

Hundreds of staff were involved in organising Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 Hong Kong. Working in different departments, they were responsible for different tasks. However, their cooperation was seamless, contributing to the big success of the event. It was undoubtedly a precious experience for all the student ambassadors. I have learnt key lessons that I can apply to my daily life, one of which is to be passionate about our work and to serve customers with sincerity. The rare opportunity to work as a student ambassador for a big firm like Canon was not only rewarding, but also a chance for me to take a glimpse into the workplace so that I can be better equipped for it.

Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary SchoolChee Jun Heng

This activity showed me the way. Trying new thing are always fun. I have learnt a lot from this activity. First, this activity needs me to do a lot of different jobs and I also need to face the public. This is what I can't experience in the school. I can feel the quickness of Hong Kong workers. The work really fast .And I also learnt how to finish the job in a smart and fast way .Punctuality is very important in the workplace. I also learnt how to communicate with the teammates to do the work much faster. Communication is really important. If I have another chance to join this kind of activities, I will pay more attention and pay more effort to do much better.

HKMA Li Kwok Po CollegeWong Tsz Ching

It’s my honour of having such a precious opportunity to work for Canon. It is an unforgettable experience. There were 2,600 people joining the Photo Marathon. The activity was divided into two parts. The first part was to distribute T-shirts to the participants. The second part was more difficult, which was to help the participants upload pictures. If I made any mistake, all the pictures would be gone and the participants could not participate in the competition. I learned how to communicate with others and be patient. I hope there will be a chance that I can join this programme again.

4th Canon X McDull Ink Cartridge School Competition - Student Ambassador Programme

Helen Liang Memorial Secondary School (Shatin)

In the previous weekend, I participated in a Student Ambassador Programme co-organized by the Canon Hong Kong Company Limited and Education Bureau. Through this event, I learnt more about the operation of an event in an enterprise. My main duties were to assist the operation of game booths, in which the participants were mainly children. This activity provided me chances to learn how to cope with children well, to treat the customers with smiles and to show kindness and caring to them. Besides, due to an emergency, I have leant to stay calm at all times, search for solutions immediately and to calm and satisfy customers’ needs. In conclusion, I have gained a lot of experiences such as team work, having proper working attitude and dealing with a contingency, which can be further used in my study and work.

SALEM-Immanuel Lutheran CollegeSo Hiu Tung

I was honored to be chosen as a student ambassador helping the award presentation ceremony and carnival of Canon. The working experience improved my communication skills. I was responsible for the gifts’ redemption which was a really busy counter. Other than handling the anxious kids, I had to manage the long queue. Smiling and speaking were the things I kept doing before I could have a break. Although I was tired of standing beside the counter for hours, I was willing to continue to serve the people as their contented smiles had fulfilled my heart. When I understood the fatigue that the job brought to me, I also felt the reward of my hard work.

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