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ECCO is a corporate social responsible company.  “Care” is one of our important values.  We care our community, especially our young generation.  We are honored to collaborate with the "Business-School Partnership Programme"of the Education Bureau this year.  With an aim to providing a real life working experience to students in a retail environment, we arranged students as an “ECCO Ambassador” assisting at our shops in “Smile Day” event.  We believe that the experience provided them a basic understanding on the career of a retail professional and marked a great encouragement to them in meeting future challenges in their lives.
Work Experience

HKMA David Li Kwok Po CollegeOMUNE Erika Abordo

I had learnt many things in the 2 days I worked in ECCO. Firstly, you have to be kind and approachable to your customers, colleagues and anybody else you are dealing with. In the shop I worked, the staff were really kind and friendly. They have high morale. My supervisor greeted me and always smiled at me. He had taught me the importance of courtesy and respect. He told me that when you smiled at someone or greeted them, your eye contact and self-confidence are important. This is because when you smile, you give out positive vibes. In terms of skills, my supervisor taught me how to pack shoes nicely so that customers could take it home properly. I also learnt how to promote the company and their goods. In ECCO, whenever a customer shows interest in a pair of shoes, the staff would try to bring 3 similar pairs of shoes in total. The customer was then given a choice of the 3 pairs of shoes, though at the end, the customer would be encouraged to buy more than one pair of shoes.

Sha Tin Government Secondary SchoolChan Louie

This was my first experience in the workplace, and it didn’t let me down. Although my colleagues and I only worked together for two days, we got along very well. My duties were to give out balloons to children and to greet customers. It was an easy job for me, but I still learned a lot from my colleagues. We served customers from many countries, perhaps due to the location of the shop. I found that English and Mandarin were the languages we had to be most familiar with. Also, to sell or introduce shoes to customers, we needed to understand what their needs were. This made it more likely to make a successful sale. It was a rare opportunity for me to know more about retail business. I appreciate the kindness that my colleagues and the ECCO shop showed me.

Sha Tin Government Secondary SchoolFung Sze Ching

It was my pleasure to join the workshop where we worked at the ECCO shop for two days. To begin with, it was my very first time to work at shoe shop. I found that operating a shop was not easy. Although the total working hours were only fourteen, all the staff tried their best to teach about sales, such as what we need to do when customers stepped into the shop. After participating in this the workshop, I am interested in learning more about the retail business.

HKMA David Li Kwok Po CollegeWONG Tsz Ki Cindy

Working in ECCO was really a precious opportunity for me. It is an experience that I treasure very much. I learnt how to communicate with customers, how to be a good salesperson and most importantly how to be patient. Being a salesperson is an arduous task. We have to stand all day and repeat the same task. The salespersons who work for ECCO treated me so well that we became friends. The salespersons in ECCO are friendly and work as a team. The working atmosphere is warm. They told me how happy they were working in ECCO and they taught me a lot of basic skills such as where we should stand and how we should greet customers to ECCO. We can never get this kind of knowledge and experience from our textbooks. This work experience was really fun and I hope to join again if there is another chance. Also, thanks to ECCO for providing such a memorable learning opportunity to me.

Shek Lei Catholic Secondary SchoolLUK Yi Ling

I am interested in leather handicrafts, and this program was really an eye-opener. After attending the briefing, I found out that there were so many types of leather. Different parts of the cattle skin had different textures, so they were used in making different products. At the end of the briefing, we had the chance to make a leather card holder. Using the leather provided by ECCO, the quality of my card holder, for sure, was an excellent one. I had different tasks in the two days of work. On the first day, my job was to give out balloons to kids. At the beginning, I felt shy and didn’t give balloons to the kids who were passing by. After the encouragement from the manager, I tried to pluck up my courage and soon no balloons were left. I started to help promote ECCO’s products on the second day. Although my skill was not a mature one, this was really a great opportunity for me to improve myself. During the debriefing, the manager encouraged me to ask more, and acclaimed my willingness to help. I am thankful for having the support of my colleagues throughout my work.

Shek Lei Catholic Secondary SchoolLucy YAN

Before the start of the program, we attended a briefing organized by ECCO and Education Bureau. From it, we learnt the six stages of serving customers. There was a list of requirements from greetings to finishing a transaction. With the knowledge of the six stages, I was able to communicate with customers and tried to provide them a happy shopping experience. This knowledge is not taught in school. Customers of ECCO came from both Hong Kong and foreign regions. I felt a bit nervous on the first day and I didn’t approach the foreign customers. I gradually got used to this work, so I tried to communicate with them. Finally, I was able to sell a pair of shoes successfully. The work experience of these two days provided great learning opportunities for me to work as a team member. The manager encouraged me to take up new challenges bravely and not to give up easily. I have really learnt a lot from this program and I will always remember the words by the manager. I will miss the ECCO colleagues.

HKMA David Li Kwok Po CollegeLee Maeve Fonda

After two days of internship at Ecco, I have learnt to respect and enjoy my job. My two days of working at Ecco mainly comprised of blowing air into balloons and giving them out to children. Making balloons wasn't easy as my fingers got hurt due to the friction. Also, standing for long periods of time resulted in foot pain and discomfort. However, when I saw cheerful kids saying ''thank you'', I would forget all my fatigue. Although I was timid at the beginning, my supervisor and colleagues encouraged me a lot. Therefore, I adapted to the environment quite easily. I could say ''welcome to Ecco '' and ''thank you'' confidently. Other than that, I had the opportunity to chat with my colleagues during my spare time which enabled me to learn more about the industry and helped build our professional relationship. In this working experience, I found that they used their sincerity to treat every single consumer even though they have a heavy work load. They are passionate about their jobs and duty. Their spirit has taught me that no matter what job I may have in the future, I should put in all my effort and enjoy it.

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