Jacqueline MH Yeung & Co Solicitors

Work Experience

Tung Wah Group Of Hospitals Chen Zao Men CollegeLaw Kin Ning

Since it was a dream being a lawyer, there was a motivation joining the programme. It was a chance to see if I would be suitable to be a lawyer. I did filing and sorting of documents in the office for these 3 days. Also, I learnt how to use printer to scan the documents. It was important to be polite and had good attitude towards the clients. I found that sorting of the document required good English and carefulness. It is a precious opportunity for me to learning a lot during the work experience programme.

Holy Trinity College

The work experience programme helps me to know about office work, e.g. the use the photocopying machine, and to treat all legal documents carefully and seriously. Moreover, it involves dealing with different kinds of people and problems. Throughout the work, I understand more about individual differences. I think I will try to perform better in the future. I found that law profession is more interesting than I imagine. As I wish to join the profession, thus I will try harder in my study to achieve this goal.

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