Guangzhou Youth Cultural Exchange Center

Through participating in the EDB’s "Business-School Partnership Programme", Guangzhou Youth Cultural Exchange Center would arrange students to visit the enterprisesin Guandzhou, such as the automobile factory, Chinese herbal medicine plant, the Beer production factory, environmental waste treatment plants, garbage power plant, grain and oil production factory, ceramic production factory,traditional paper craft arts and cultural centre etc. Also, students willvisit the rural minorities. They could understand minority cultures and learn more about the agriculture: farmers, rural and agriculture. Thiscould let them have deeper understanding of the development of China after reform and opening-up. Students also have the opportunity to get more information of the job market in Guangzhou. Students will meet the students from Hong Kong and Macau who are studying in the local Universities in order to understand the curriculum of the tertiary studies in Guangzhou.This programme widens their horizon. Students will have deeper understanding of the development of industry and agriculture in China after the trip. In addition, participating students could earn more career-related experience, enabling them to strengthen national identity and to prepare for future development.
Activity Highlight :
Study Tour to Guangzhou

Kwai Chung Methodist CollegeFung Yuen Meng

I am fully satisfied with all the arrangement about this visit to Guangzhou.Through this visit, I learnt how strong the Mainland China is in terms of economic development. In the city centre of Guangzhou, most of the buildings are beautiful and luxury. Moreover, the Guangzhou museum is very large, the facilities there reflect how strong and wealthy China is. As the pioneer of the reform of China, the achievement done by Guangzhou is outstanding and encouraging. Most importantly, it may have given a role model to other cities. After visiting the premises of Yihai Kerry, I am well aware that many products from China may become a very important part of foreign products. What a great success in Guangzhou.

Kwai Chung Methodist CollegeLau Wing Lam

I learned a lot and have broadened my horizon from this visiting tour. After visiting the automobile factory, I find that many workers in different posts are involved. The production of a car requires a lot of stringent inspection. Cooking oil is a necessity of great demand in China. A cooking oil factory situated in the development area would give the factory a very superior status in terms of development. On the second day we visited a museum and there are some other exhibition halls. In one big exhibition hall, a lot of fossils of dinosaurs were displayed. Most of them are from Guizhou. Lastly, we tasted the famous “double skin milk” at the harbor of Wangbao. I hope to join this kind of visit in the future.

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