Tung Wah Group of Hospitals BiciLine Cycling Eco-Tourism Social Enterprise

Activity Highlight :
Work Experience

Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

The activity makes me feel grateful. Also I have learnt how to ride bicycle. Besides, I felt comfortable and learnt how to communicate and comfort customers. Although they can be demanding, I think there are enjoyable moments.


After two days of helping the shop, I realize that everything is about communication and teamwork since we are working as a team. Those two days are very tired but I enjoyed it very much because I have made a lot of friends and learnt a lot things. For instance, I learnt that there are six different kinds of bicycles for different ages; how to use the octopus system; and how to input data to the computer. The most important thing that I learnt in these two days is that language is really important: we should know how to communicate by speaking English, Putonghua and Cantonese. I also found that earning money is extremely difficult. I need to get up at six early in the morning, and leave the working place at around eight at night. I really appreciate for the hard work of the people working there.

Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

I think the activity is useful for teenagers. As I learnt the skill of repairing a bike, and how to introduce some unique animals and plants to others. From the programme, I knew more about social enterprise and how they have helped oursociety and environment. It also aroused my interest to become one of them in the future. Besides, I met a number of new friends and understand the importance to be punctual. For the irreplaceable experience, everyone of us had a chance to prepare and introduce one animal or plant, and this is a rare opportunity and could also train our speaking skill.

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