Cathay Pacific Airways

As Hong Kong’s home carrier, Cathay Pacific recognises the importance of contributing to the community. We are actively involved in supporting a variety of community initiatives – among which youth is one of our primary focuses as they represent the future of Hong Kong.

It is therefore our pleasure to be part of the "Business-School Partnership Programme" . Through offering visits at Cathay Pacific City for schools in Hong Kong, we hope to broaden the exposure of the students and equip them with a better understanding of the aviation industry.


Activity Highlight :
Visit to Cathay Pacific City

Canossa Primary School (San Po Kong)Yung Hei Tung

Cathay Pacific City is the headquarters of Cathay Pacific at Hong Kong International Airport and it is one of the world’s leading airline companies home-based in Hong Kong. I was glad that I could go there with my headmaster, Mr Chan, teachers and classmates on 17 March 2017. As it was my first time to visit there, I was excited. We took part in a guided tour and visited the flight training centre, cabin mock-up, check in counter mock-up and cabin crew lounge. We also looked at the new Economy Class seats which was the most unforgettable place for me. We sat on the seats and took photos of them. I have learnt a lot after visiting the Cathay Pacific City. It is an amazing workplace to me. It is lucky to have a first-hand experience on the fully equipped training facilities. It fosters me a better understanding of the flight operation in Hong Kong.

T.W.G.Hs. Leo Tung-hai Lee Primary School

Today, my classmates and I go to Cathay City. We see many models planes. We can also see control rooms and working area on the plane. I know some people can bring dogs. I also learn how to order meals when I book tickets. We take many photos in the cabin. What a happy day!

Good Hope SchoolSoddy Lee

Know more about the working environment of the staff working in Cathay Pacific. Also visit the practice room of the pilot and the practice of the flight attentance which know more about the system of Cathay Pacific.

HKFYG Lee Shau Kee Primary SchoolSuki Cheung

Last Wednesday, I went to Cathay Pacific City on Lantau Island with my classmates, Miss Leung and Miss Lui. We brought with our earphones and mobiles. It was very exciting. Then, the tour guide told us a lot of information about the places around Cathay Pacific City. We visited the check-in counters, the flight training centre, the stimulated plane and the flight compartment. They were very interesting. Finally, we wrote about the visit as our homework. I will share this with my friend and my classmates. I was very happy about this visit. I took a lot of colourful and pretty photos.

Good Hope SchoolBonnie Wong

There is more understanding about the Human Resources management in Cathay Pacific, especially staff training system. It includes flight attendance training. They use the simulated cabin and role play to learn the way serving customers. For the training of pilot, they use the simulated cockpit to teach the learners. There is more knowledge about the crews working environment and their basic requirement for entry. Employees’ well-being is known from the facilities and the support centre. The company tries to satisfy employees’ needs. Furthermore, they fulfill social responsibility. The design of the Cathay Pacific City is using glass and lets daylight go in so it will be more environmentally friendly. From this visit, there is more understanding about its business and reason for being famous.

Po On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary SchoolShah Jiya Ketul

The activity is very meaningful. There are a lot to visit in Cathay City. Ask a lot of questions during the visit. The staff from Cathay City, Wendy is very nice and helpful. She shows different places and introduces t industry. The visit is very impressive and has learnt communication skills. English is important. The visit is enjoyable.

TWGHs Tang Shiu Kin Primary School

Amazed to see such huge aeroplane. Learned a lot about aviation industry. Knew for example, captain training, maintenance, which increased interest in this industry. Decided to study in engineering and aimed for entering this industry. Grateful for having such activity to gain knowledge.

Good Hope SchoolLeann Wong

Learn about the operation of the company. Training is very important as to provide high quality service to customers. The training for flight attendants and is the most interesting part. Also enjoy the surrounding. Also have deep impression on the tools.

Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)Arshdeep Kaur

I found it very useful after joining this activity. It is nice to become a flight attendant and the tour guide answered many questions. I enjoyed the visit. It helped to equip me with the knowledge and expose to large extent about the operation of the airline company. It also builds up my STEM skills (e.g. creativity, curiosity), improve my mindset and values. I will definitely like to participate in this kind of activity again.

T.W.G.Hs. Leo Tung-hai Lee Primary School

Today is Friday. It is sunny and hot. My classmate and I go to Cathay City. First, we see a plane model. People have exam in the model. They learn how to fly a plane in Australia. Then we go to the cabin. We sit and take some photos. I know that some dogs can sit with their owner on the plane. Finally, we go to the check-in counter and end our trip. What a happy Friday!

Sung Tak Wong Kin Sheung Memorial SchoolHo Fong Ching

On 16th December 2016, I visited Cathay Pacific City with my teacher and classmates. We arrived at 2 o'clock. First, we visited the Fright Training Centre. It is a place to train the pilots. I was amazed to see Boeing 777 there. I took a lot of photos with my classmates. Then we visited the mock-up check-in counter. From the tour, I knew the difference between first class and economy class check-in service. After that, we went to visit the mock-up cabin. It is the place to train the flight attendants. I felt like boarding a real plane. There are first class, business class, premium economy class and economy class. All my classmates were excited to choose a seat and take some photos! At last, we went to Dakotas Club. It is a place for the people who work for Cathy Pacific. People can play basketball, football, tennis and many different ball games there. There is a swimming pool too! When the staff are tired of playing ball games, they can go to the restaurant and bar to relax. The tour to Cathy Pacific City was unforgettable and I learnt a lot of things from the tour.

Good Hope SchoolCorrie Cheung

Learn a lot about the Cathay Pacific during this visit. It includes the understanding on the environment on training staffs.

Kwun Tong Maryknoll CollegeMelvin Tong

During the activity, it is fortunate having the chance to simulate the situation of being one of the ground crew that is responsible for the check-in counters. By visiting the Cathay City, I could learn more knowledge about the history of aircraft, the difficulties and requirements of being a pilot or a flight attendant. Also, I learnt about about the difficulties and the required knowledge in order to design a new aircraft. Therefore, the visit had stimulated my interest in knowing more about the industry and further studies in related subjects such as Aerodynamics and Material Science.

Wah Yan College Hong KongSamuel Wong

The visit to Cathay Pacific City is very inspiring and deepens my understanding on the daily operations of an airline. During the visit, I have visited the catering area, Boeing 777 flight stimulator, mock-up cabins, mock-up check-in area and reporting area for pilots and the cabin crew. I am interested in various facilities in the headquarters, especially the mock-up cabins, as I can get a chance to sit in First Class. During the guided tour, I have learnt about what pilots and the cabin crew need to prepare before a flight. I have also learnt about the training methods of a flight attendant. I have also learnt about how airlines train pilots. Overall speaking, the visit is so meaningful and inspiring.

Canossa College

It is my honor to join this event today as not everyone can have the opportunity to visit the Cathay Pacific City. I have learnt lots of things during this tour. The guide was very kind and nice. She introduced the working place and open space of the employees working in Cathay Pacific. Also, I got the chance to sit in a first class cabinet. It was wonderful. It has definitely widened my epistemology through this amazing event. It has also affected my careers decision. I am interested in airplanes and aviation. It is a great experience. I will definitely join the same event again if I have the chance. Thank you.

T.W.G.Hs. Leo Tung-hai Lee Primary School

Today, I visit the Cathay City. It is huge. I love it very much. There are a lot of people working there. I feel a little bit crowded. I visit the cabin and learn about the facilities in it. It broadens my horizon. I would like to come here again.

T.W.G.Hs. Leo Tung-hai Lee Primary School

Today, we go to Cathay City. There are nine floors in this building. First floor is my favourite floor because there are a lot of restaurant there. After a while, we go the third floor. On the third floor, there is a simulation cabin. We sit down and take photos. The most interesting thing in the visit is that we listen to the crew through the headphones. Finally, we go to the fifth floor. It is the place for staff training. After the demonstration, we pretend to be the pilot and take some photos. It is a memorable experience. I am really happy and excited about the visit.

Immaculate Heart Of Mary SchoolGrace Ip

I thought the visit was great and enjoyable. I think pretending to be a flight attendant was the most interesting and valuable part as it was full of fun. I learnt much about the aviation industry and I would like to work for it when I grow up. The tour guide, Miss Zoe, was helpful and knowledgeable.

St. Francis Canossian College

What would pop up in your mind when you hear the word "Cathay Pacific"? Cool pilots? Attractive flight attendants? Or professionals dealing with a myriad of affairs every day? Wait, who on Earth knows environmental protection is one of their main concerns? Yes, Cathay Pacific is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly enterprises around the world. So what makes them so environmental- friendly? Their main building has wind electricity generators installed. Only half of the lights are switched on during the day while the sizes of windows are maximized, so is the amount of sunlight entering the whole workplace. Not getting impressed? In fact, everyone, including all the admired pilots and flight attendants take the stairs getting to work and getting off work if they can. Who says big enterprises must be against the environment? This visit to Cathay Pacific city has undoubtedly broadened our horizons. It did not only allow us to obtain in-depth understanding towards the workplace of pilots, but also allowed us to know ways to protect the environment.

Good Hope SchoolChloe Tsui

Know more about the way on training pilots and flight attendants. It helps widen the horizon and know more about the company’s operation. The facilities in Cathay Pacific City are new and well-constructed which provides a comfortable area for staffs to rest to enhance working incentive.

Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik CollegeTse Hiu Kwan

When I was a little girl, I always dream of being a flight attendant. Why? Just because their suits are beautiful and, I can travel around the world. However, I actually do not know what a flight attendant is like to be. When I grow older and older, I begin to receive more information from different sources of media. Last week, I had a great opportunity to explore my dream job, visiting one of the best airlines – Cathay Pacific. I understood more about the job nature of flight attendant and I felt so excited going into the simulator. I know I am tall enough to be a flight attendant! After the investigation, I think I still want to be a flight attendant sometimes in the future.

LST Ku Chiu Man Secondary School

I felt very happy to join this activity. This time was my first time to visit Cathay Pacific City. This activity is so unforgettable. I want to visit this place again. Cathay Pacific City has three buildings, one of them is flight training center. When I saw the flight simulator moving, I was so excited. Also, the captain was very nice. She introduced Cathay Pacific City in detail, I knew more about Cathay Pacific City after this activity. Finally, I want to thank who service us in the aircraft. They received a lots training and show their passion to help us.

HKFYG Lee Shau Kee Primary SchoolChan Ka Yi

We visited Cathay Pacific City on 2nd November. First, we left school and got on the bus. On the bus, I sat with my classmates Louisa. When we arrived at Cathay Pacific City, Miss Lui took us to the plane and we took a big photo. Then, we saw our tour guide. She told us what we can do in Cathay Pacific City and introduced the rules when we were visiting. After that, we started our visit. The tour guide took us to the elevator to the first floor and we visited the Cathay Pacific Avenue. Next we went to visit the Space Centre. Some practicing pilots had practice there. At last, we visited simulated airplane. It is the last place we visited but I think it is the best part of the visit. After the visit, I learnt about more about Cathay Pacific. What a fun visit!

St. Margaret’s Girls CollegeKaur Parbjyot

On 5th October, around 30 students from St. Margaret’s Girls’ College had the golden opportunity to visit the headquarters of Cathay Pacific along with Tourism and Hospitality teachers, and fortunately I was one of them. When we stepped foot in the building, we were met with the bright smile of our guide of that day, Ms. Penny Pang, she is a flight attendant of Cathay Pacific Airways, thus, we kick-started the tour with our first visiting point-flight simulator of Boeing 777,where Penny took the time to briefly introduce Cathay Pacific’s history as it was established in 1946, then we were headed towards the training center and classrooms, where we saw mock-up of flight attendants, trainers were teaching flight attendants trainees how to serve passengers in both economy and first class. That wasn’t it, we also visited the check-in area, a place for ground staff trainees to get used to the environment better and learn related skills. Afterwards, we arrived at the crew lounge, where flight attendants have to sign-in their duty 1.5 hours before flight departure and head to their briefing session as well as check-in for their suitcases. To wrap up, we had a mini Q and A session with our guide, she told us how they receive a certificate of competency after a successful training and the importance of Hong Kong crew member certificate and their passport before departure. After this guided trip, I gained a unique insight into the Cathay Pacific world as now I understand the daily operation of this airline as well as the daily work of a flight attendant better. Just as the slogan of Cathay Pacific- ‘’We serve straight from our hearts.’’ Suggests, all the Cathay Pacific staff were kind to us which made this trip even more enjoyable and relaxing. There is no doubt that Cathay Pacific strives to deliver high standard of service and premium experience to their customers. Another thing that captured my attention was the design of the building, they had large glazed windows to absorb natural sunlight during daytime, showing the eco-friendliness and thoughtfulness of Cathay Pacific City. Not to mention, I also learnt more about the aviation industry and how it takes determination and hard work to become a flight attendant, especially the mock-up session, that actually showed us how flight attendants are trained in real life. Overall, I was utterly satisfied with the guided visit, I found it really educational and meaningful and I hope to join similar tours in the future.

CCC HFTC Hon Fuk Tong College

It was a great opportunity to visit Cathay Pacific City office in Chap Lap Kwok not long ago. We’ve broadened our horizon after this visit. Frankly, It was not until I came, I do not know there is a swimming pool and indoor playground inside the office . Rarely do we visit a company such as Cathay's huge and outstanding building. Not only we see a snug workplace, but also beyond our known. Nice as Cathay Pacific City is, I would like to engage in it as my first job. How wonderful that I can't imagine. It was a nice trip and a unforgettable experience. Thanks a lot.

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