GUOS TCMC LIMITED is managed by Dr. Guo Yue Feng, a Chinese medicine oncology expert, and Guo Ge, Master of Chinese medicine. Inspired by Zhang Zhong-jing, the medical sage’s principles of studying hard on ancient principles and comprehensively gathering medical prescriptions, the centre combines traditional Chinese medicine therapies and modern Western medicine therapies, and provides individualized, systematic and comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services for patients.

The centre has multiple consultation rooms, as well as a lobby, modern decoction room, Chinese medicine storage room, etc. Patients are provided with traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, decoction Chinese medicine services and Chinese medicine granules according to their own choices.

In addition, it provides patients with comprehensive Chinese medicine services, such as gynecology, pediatrics, acupuncture, massage, bone injury therapy, nutrition therapy, qigong counseling, psychological counseling, etc.

Through the "Business-School Partnership Programme", we would like to provide a channel for students to understand the industry of Chinese medical services and Chinese culture, so as to assist them in planning their future.

Work Experience

Good Hope SchoolCuey Li

Throughout the day, the instructor first introduces the facilities in the workplace and its functions. He shows the procedure of making Chinese medicine and treatment of his patient. Next, the tutor introduces the history of Chinese medicine and the way medicine works. Through acquiring these knowledge, there are better understanding of this career.

Good Hope SchoolGillian Law

This activity helps increasing basic knowledge about the difference on traditional Chinese medicine apart from Western. The doctor introduces the history and background of traditional Chinese medicine. Also have experience to separate the herb medicine into different boxes and see a patient who is doing vacuum cupping. This special experience will definitely gain interest on medical studies and think about the future.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)Yip Hoi Lam Chloe

Throughout this work experience programme, I have broadened my knowledge of Chinese medicine by having first-hand experience in the Chinese medicine clinic. For example, we were allowed to observe the procedure of curing clients and learn more about different kind of medicine. This experience has caused me to reconsider my future career path, it was really an eye-opening experience to me. Again, I would like to thank the BSPP programme for giving me such a golden chance to be part of the medical field, besides, a special thanks will be given to the staff at the clinic. They have been nice and kind to us during the work experience programme. I am so thankful for participating in this activity.

聖馬可中學Choy Chin Ting

I learnt more about how a Chinese medicine clinic works. I developed an empathy for patients as I watched a practice of moxibustion. The patient started groaning at some point because of the burning pain. I really empathize her and this makes me want to do something to help her. This working experience also broaden my horizons and let me learn more social and Chinese medical knowledge beyond that is taught by the school. This really inspires me to consider being a doctor (Chinese medicine) and study medicine in university. I might have to learn some more about Chinese medicine and start looking for a path and channel to study Chinese medicine and maybe also Western medicine.

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