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Activity Highlight :
"Art Gallery" Ambassador Programme

Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary SchoolTang Yin Yiu

I had learnt a lesson from this unforgettable experience. My Chinese teacher recommended me s to join this activity , I feel surprised and I finally decided to join. In this activity, we had to conduct a tour in the Wan Chai book fair. Before the fair started, we needed to read and search some information in order to prepare the display. In addition, during the book fair, we tried to give some introduction for the visitors, I became more active and brave through this experience. To sum up, I hope I can join more about these similar activities so that I can improve more in communication skill.

Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary SchoolKo Man Yan

I am honored to participate in "Art Gallery" ambassador programme. Over the past few years, I would go to the Book Fair as a participant. This year I was able to become the ambassador and take part in the preparatory work. Being an ambassador, I had learned a lot because I had to be very familiar with the information about the display. I needed to spend a lot of time to for preparation so that I could know more about the Year Book Fair theme which called "martial arts literature," especially 'Jin Yong'.  Moreover, the Hong Kong Book Fair is a big annual event. Through this activity, I could see many people and reporters coming to the book fair. Besides, talking with can also broaden my horizon.

Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary SchoolCheung Chui Shan

Being the Art Gallery Guided Tour’s ambassador was a very novel experience to me,because I have never tried a similar role before. The Guided Tours had morning and afternoon sessions. Because of lack of confidence, I only paced back and forth in the exhibition at the beginning. In the afternoon, I plucked up courage to contact with a family, which was a mother and her children. They were very happy to listen to my introduction. Since then I had the courage to take the initiative to contact other tourists . I also found that sharing my knowledge with others made me feel very good.

Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary SchoolChan Yuen Yee

Being the Art Gallery ambassador is to introduce visitors about the exhibits , so that they can understand more. This year's theme is Art Gallery Pen martial arts - Hong Kong martial arts literature. Before this event, we went to the exhibition area to attend a briefing session so that  we could know more about the display and perform well when we were on duty . But we had to be on duty on the following day, so we just had little time to memorize all the information. During the day we were on duty , I found that there were no visitors  asking us questions about the exhibition, or required our guided tours. Maybe the visitors were very familiar with the exhibition. So I and my friend went around the exhibition area to go through all the exhibits and briefings. After the guided tour , I realized that to be a good ambassador, we should have enough preparation and should be familiar with the exhibition. Although I did not take the initiative to introduce the exhibits to the visitors, joining this activity still let me have a deeper understanding the martial arts literature.

Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary SchoolChan Pui Chun

The zone that I introduced was" Literary Giant - Jin Yong and Louis Cha" Before this programme, I just knew that Jin Yong was a famous author of martial arts novels. I didn't know why his novels could struck a chord with 80-90s HongKongers. But when I saw the films and television programme, stage and radio dramas that have been adapted from Jin Yong's novels,I knew that why HongKongers love his novels so much. It is breathtaking. The love story between Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü also attracts me. I can't stop reading the novels that written by Jin Yong now.

Work Experience

King’s CollegeKo Tim Wa

My duty for the work experience is to introduce various collections from well-known science fiction authors as an event helper to introduce the exhibits to different visitors. Some of them are big fans of science fiction, they also shared extra information of their favourite author, which made the conversation more enjoyable.  I also learned to perform an attractive presentation, as well as the history of Hong Kong Book Fair, and have a chance to understand the creation of each famous author in a deep way. Overall speaking, it is a try to explore the career area, it is also valuable since it has sharpened my communication skills.


Through this event, I have practiced my communication skills with people who I first met as student exhibition guide, and learnt to be active and thoughtful as well, as my job is to introduce what I know about the exhibition to the people who visited. Furthermore, I have learnt that without cooperating with others, I can never be a better person: I worked with my teammate in order to distribute all the booklets to the visitors and invited them to visit the exhibition, and we cooperated well by discussing and setting targeted visitors together, which resulted in the fulfillment of mission.

聖馬可中學Sze Kit Ho

The activity is very meaningful to me. First and most importantly, it trained my soft skills. People from different nations, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds will visit the book fair. Communicating with people from foreign countries, the activity provided an opportunity for me to train my self-confidence and speaking skills. For example, a foreigner came to me and asked me a question about the location of a book store. During the conversation, I had to keep smiling and indicate the direction to them. Besides, it broadened my horizons. People with disabilities have different needs. When we help them, we should be aware of the method we use. In the activity, I introduced some information about Bruce Lee to a deaf person that I did not realize that he was also a visually impaired person. Then we used smartphone to communicate with him at last. This activity inspired me that there are a lot of minorities in society and I should be more careful and aware when starting a career later.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)Yoyo Chan

I have learnt about the importance of being spontaneous response, and always have an open mind from this work experience program. As a guide, I have to introduce the exhibits to the visitors and the work needs me to take the initiative to start up a conversation. During the conversation, some visitors even knew more about the stories behind the exhibits, and they were also willing to share the information to me. Thus, I can learn more about the exhibits than solely reading the information given by the TDC. As such, we can learn more if we always keep an open mind. This work experience program allows me to have a glimpse of work. I hope I can apply the skills learnt from it.

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