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Sing Tao News Corporation Limited regularly organizes visits from schools through the Education Bureau’s "Business-School Partnership Programme". In order to raise students’ interest in journalism and allow young people to better understand the operations of a newspaper, the students visit the operations of editorial department, art department and information centre.
Student Ambassador Programme of Privacy Protection

Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary SchoolLai Pak Hei

Through participating in the Student Ambassador Program of Privacy Protection 2014, held by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Sing Tao Magazine Group and the Education Bureau, I have realized that our privacy is facing many threats when the technology keeps developing. Some law-breakers are trying to get our personal data via internet, social network and smartphones without our permission, so as to use the data for advertisement or resale the data to maximize their profit. We should protect our personal data carefully and never ignore the importance of protecting our privacy due to convenience. Otherwise our personal data will be disclosed by everyone and we will lose our own privacy. Apart from realizing the rationale and the approaches to protect our privacy, I am very thankful to the organisers for providing us a humbling and precious learning experience. My social circle has been widening, as I have invited webmaster of 3Cs website, Privacy Commissioner from PCPD and staff from HKCERT for interviews on smartphones' privacy. Besides, I would like to thank the organisers’ appreciation of my music creation during the presentation, as I have composed a song about smartphones' privacy during the presentation of our project. It was really unforgettable to have such terrific chance to promote the importance of privacy by singing a song during the prize-giving ceremony. I hope my song will become a brand new approach to draw public attention on their privacy, so that they will take care of their personal data.

Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary SchoolCheung Yuen Sum

Joining this competition was a great experience for us. Even though there were some difficulties in between, we still came over them and made the success. We kindly have our teacher, Miss Chow to give us support and advices. We finally made through it anyway. The prize was an extra gift for us as we all had received our biggest gift in the competition, friendship. Whatever the workshop in the early stage, the time we were working on the News report, the moment we were preparing our presentation……We have problem to solve, but we still cherished the time and also the chance that we could learn and gain some knowledge about privacy issue throughout all challenges. To conclude, this competition had given us an amazing chance to gain the knowledge of “Personal Data Privacy” issue and also to become more closer to each other.

Work Experience

SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School

The visit is my first time I have actually been inside a newspaper agency, which has definitely opened up a fascinating world for me. Overall, I was impressed by the endeavour the staff make each day to produce newspaper. The wonderful archive had really aroused my curiosity as I am keen on learning about Hong Kong’s past. I was also interested in knowing more about the craftsmanship in the art department, as their work certainly visualises news stories better. I could have spent all day long there, but sadly time did not allow so. After this trip, I am sure visits to other industries in the future will be equally promising.

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