A.S. Watson Group

A.S. Watson Group is the largest international health & beauty retailer in Asia & Europe, operating over 10,700 stores in the world.  To support the "Business-School Partnership Programme" of the Education Bureau, we arrange visits to Watsons, Fortress, Taste retail stores and PARKnSHOP’s supply chain facility, in order to help students gain a holistic understanding of the retail sector, get well-prepared for the employment market.
Visit to Watsons Hong Kong (Sheung Shui)

Diocesan Boys’ SchoolLo Tin Hang

Our school was granted a tour to the warehouse of PARKnSHOP at Sheung Shui today. PARKnSHOP chain store operates more than 200 outlets in Hong Kong. From time to time, I accompany my parents to shop at PARKnSHOP, however, I have never realized that complex logistics are involved in the supply of products from the warehouse all the way to the selves of the outlets. This tour has enlightened us with the supply chain involved in managing the storage facilities in the warehouse, arrangement of different categories of goods in carefully assigned racks, and setting them aside for transaction. Following the visit to the warehouse of PARKnSHOP, we were also granted a tour to an outlet of Watsons. Once again we were given a chance to understand the various units such as cosmetics, health products and pharmacy of a drug store chain. These are enriching tours from which we learnt about the complex logistics involved in the operations of chain stores. I am looking forward to another interesting tour next time.

Visit to Watsons Hong Kong (Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong)

Cheung Chuk Shan CollegeSin Wun Hei

In the Watsons Store in Festival Walk, hot selling products are placed at prominent positions like front doors or cashiers to attract more customers and increase sales. Besides, the pharmacist there introduced the flow of drug prescription and other important things to be noticed. This allows me to gain extra knowledge.

Visit to Watsons Hong Kong (Park n Shop Fresh Food Distribution Centre, Sheung Shui)

Cheung Chuk Shan CollegeChan Sum Yuet

In the visit to Park n Shop Fresh Food Distribution Centre (Sheung Shui), I realized that readily available food in supermarkets actually goes through a number of steps from warehousing, packaging to refrigeration. Appropriate replenishment is also needed according to sales volume in different supermarket branches. I gained an insight into how a big corporation operates.

Visit to A.S. Watson & Company Limited

Diocesan Boys’ School

We have all been shopping in Parknshop before, but we have no idea about their manufacturing procedures like the packaging and storage. I have learnt a lot about these and I'm surprised to know that Parknshop's storage are mostly 'just in time', meaning that they don't store goods for long, but allocating them to different stores immediately. This is good as it ensures quality of goods that might expire or foods that might become spoiled. I enjoyed the visit to the bakery factory the most. As I have learnt in lessons, the manufacturing process really involved simple division of labour: some are rolling the dough, some are baking the bread, and some are packing them. It is really a rare chance to explore the factories of supermarkets, and it was a fruitful experience today.

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