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Through organising career talk and the harbour cruise journey for secondary students, Wing On Travel hopes to inspire and to raise their interest towards tourism industry. We also hope to strengthen students’ knowledge about the industry, as well as their better understanding about the concerned job requirements and experience. Both the happiness and hard times that a tourism practitioner may come across would be shared with students. We hope that a better understanding of work place would diminish the gap between work expectations and reality. At the same time, the programme allows our Company to understand the youths’ considerations when seeking for a job and the way to appeal the generations today in joining the industry, which are constructive to both recruitment and training plans in the days to come.
Tourism and Hotel Career Talk

Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary SchoolWONG Chun Ho

The talk was a memorable one. It widened my horizons and I have learnt a lot. The tour escort-guide from Wing On Travel talked about her work experience, her happiness and her joy of being an escort-guide. She also shared with us her career dream. Her sharing inspired me to have the courage to pursue my dream further.

Work Experience

Cheung Chuk Shan CollegeYip Wai Chun

I am so thankful to the Education Bureau and Wing On Travel for organizing this programme for us. I treasured this opportunity very much. Although I needed to wake up very early during the attachement, it was a memorable experience in my school life. This programme has increased my interest of being an escort guide. I learnt that being an escort guide was indeed a very tough job. They have to face a lot of challenges. For example, some of the customers may have some special requests. In this case, the communication skill of an escort guide is very important so as to respond to the request in an appropriate way. In the two-day programme, I have learnt many skills from the professional escort guide. Before the end of the programme, we asked lots of questions. The escort guides were very patient to answer our questions one by one, and we appreciated a lot. This program was extremely successful and I enjoyed it very much.

Sheung Shui Government Secondary School

After two days of working practice as an escort guide, I realized that escort guides should have several core competencies. Firstly, having a careful mind is essential as escort guides have to check carefully the boarding pass and the passports of the tourists. Besides, they also need to arrange the seating of the tourists of the group. Secondly, escort guides should have a loud and clear voice such that the tourists can receive the important messages clearly. Thirdly, patience is also important. Sometimes, escort guides have to repeat the same piece of information again in good temper when necessary. Fourthly, good preparation work should be done. Escort leaders should inform the tourists about the important reminders in order to avoid accident. To sum up, I gained an invaluable experience from this practice and I hope I can join some other work experience program again.

Wing On Travel Field Business Study on Cruising and Escort Guide Training

Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary SchoolTSANG Ka Man

We were offered a sightseeing cruise trip by Wing On Travel. I could get to know more about the work of a tourist guide and some unique tourist attractions of the city. During the escort training activity, an experienced tourist guide shared with us the required personal qualities and skills in handling unexpected matters. These experiences were valuable and beyond what I could learn from textbooks and classroom and further enhanced my knowledge about tourism industry in Hong Kong.

Pui Shing Catholic Secondary SchoolCheng Hui Yi

Thank you for the arrangement of Wing On Travel, I joined the sightseeing boat tour and tour escort’s skills training programme, I learnt the communication skills, such as serving the dissatisfied guests. I understood that communication between people needs several skills. The humorous tour escort made me focus on listening. I really learnt a lot in this activity.

Pui Shing Catholic Secondary SchoolTo Chi Kit

Service industry is one of the important industries in Hong Kong; the tourism industry is the most important of the service industry. I am happy that I can participate in this activity. The explanation on various aspects of tourism information by the experienced tour escort guide benefits me and helps me to prepare for my life planning.

Qualied CollegeYung She Wan

I was very happy to participate in the cruise tour and escort techniques training. The whole activity was divided into two parts. First, we had sharing sessions with tourist guides on a sightseeing cruise tour. Then, we had an experienced tourist guide introducing escort techniques. I was born and bred in Hong Kong. I had never joined cruise tour before. It was quite an interesting experience for me to see how beautiful the Victoria Harbour is. The one I remember most was the training session. The tourist guide shared his experience and taught us some crisis management techniques and procedures. After the activity, I am more interested in the work about Tourism. I would like to be an escort guide in future.

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