Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation

Since its establishment in 2008, the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation has been dedicated to achieve its objective of providing equal opportunities for the visually impaired to participate in sports activities and competitions.  Through training, they have regained their self-confidence and are able to integrate into the community and become contributing members of the society.  During the process, many true and touching stories have emerged.  In order to let young students understand how visually impaired people face and conquer their disability, we have joined the Education Bureau’s "Business-School Partnership Programme", so that our visually impaired athletes can share with students their inspiring life stories of overcoming life challenges positively and be able to lead a rich and fulfilling life.
Work Experience


It may unfair for the visual impaired persons as they lost their eyesight partially or completely. However, the visual impairment afflicts them with patience and willpower. During the dart training sessions, there is no need to overexpress our sympathy to them. The helpers would only need to provide them with assistance in the process, so that they would establish their habit of independence. This inspired my volunteer purpose of "Teach a man to fish rather than give him a fish”

HKBSF Walkathon Student Ambassador Programme

Cheung Chuk Shan CollegeLee Tsz Ting

In this activity, I have known more about the people with vision problem. For us, the path in this activity is not difficult. However, to those people with vision problem, this is a difficult mission for them. I really appreciate their effort, as they did not give up in the activity. I also learnt a lot in this activity. Firstly, I have to cooperate with other school’s schoolmates and pack the gifts for the participants. Although I do not know the others, we can still cooperate with each other well. I understood the importance of communication. If we did not have communication or set the goal clearly, the whole team work will be affected. In addition, after packing the gift, the talk between a promoter of a healthy drink and us also give me an impression. I recognized that holding this activity was not easy at all, there were a lot of barriers that they had to face, such as finding sponsors and helpers for holding this activity. This all widen my horizon. I hope I can join such meaningful activity again next time.

Cheung Chuk Shan CollegeCheung Wing Yiu

This activity was indeed an unforgettable experience for me. That day, different schools were assigned with different tasks and I was required to pack the souvenir bags for the participants. I have learned how to run an activity effectively and efficiently through observing other helpers and engaging in the preparation work myself. I also figured that every part of the work is equally important. If any part is done incorrectly, the whole process will become chaotic. This activity is really meaningful as it allows the visually impaired people to show their strength and determination while raising money for the organization through the charity walk. It was a pity that I had not walk in the activity.

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