Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) is a vibrant, cultural institution dedicated to preserving, collecting and displaying objects that tell the maritime and trade stories in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. More than 1,200 objects are displayed in 13 galleries on three levels. As a museum dedicated to telling the maritime stories of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, HKMM values the importance of connecting with the community.

Through the “Business-School Partnership Programme”, HKMM invites students to participate in the Maritime Week with a view to helping students understand more about the maritime industry.


Activity Highlights:

Work Experience

Tsuen Wan Government Secondary SchoolChiu Ka Lam

The duty was to introduce exhibits in the museum to visitors and lead a special tour about the story of Hong Kong. Reading the notes provided to prepare for work in the museum, there was a lot to learn about various types of ships, trading and maritime history, which broadened the horizons. The activity also trained about presentation skills and communication skills. With more understanding about maritime history and heritage preservation, it was inspiring to pursue further studies in archaeology and heritage management, and decided to contribute to society through preserving cultural heritage.

King's College

After this experience, I found that working is hard. It is neither comfortable nor very interesting. Then I found that working is really not easy. Most of the time I did routine work like answering queries. I realized that it is a must to endure such boredom in workplace in the future. My ability to communicate with others also improved a lot after the experience. Besides improving my fluency in speaking Cantonese, English and Putonghua, I also found that I need to be active to solve the visitors’ problems so that they will not feel confused and helpless. This is very important when working. Apart from these, I realized that cooperation with colleagues is necessary. If there is clear communication between partners, the efficiency will be much higher. Otherwise, it may result in a big mess. To conclude, I really learn a lot from this experience. I will continue to join this kind of activity.

Visit to Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary CollegeCheung Tsz Ching, Zuki

On 18th November, I visited the Hong Kong Martime Museum with my teachers and schoolmates. First, we listened to a talk conducted by three professionals. They introduced us different kinds of ships, such as cruises, submarines, hovercrafts and so on. At the end of the talk, a video regarding how a T-shirt is transported was shown to us. The talk was so informative and educational which we have learnt a lot from it. After the talk, we got on the cockpit of a tow ship. A captain was responsible to introduce it to us. It was such a valuable experience to be on the tow ship and meet a real captain. At last, we had a chance to experience as a helmsman in the simulated cockpit. In this simulation of driving, with all the special effects, we felt like that we were really on a ship. I felt amazed about this activity. All our schoolmates loved this visit a lot. We enjoyed all the activities and we hoped we could stay longer to explore more. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, especially to those who want to be an engineer.

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