Ocean Park

Activity Highlight :
Blue Matters - Promoting Debris Free Oceans Competition

Fanling Lutheran Secondary School

First of all, I’m very happy that I can know more about the Ecosystem Protection Work from the assembly talk. Nowadays, we have lots of pollution in here, water pollution, land pollution, and air pollution which are affecting our lives. However, Ocean Park has established a fund to proclaim what is Ecosystem Protection Work. The thing impressed me is about the turtles. From the talk, I know more about the turtle where they go to produce, when they will go back to their hometown, etc. I also know that turtles have already faced the pollution problems in recent years. So after the talk, I think all of us should face this problem squarely. Even if we can’t change the habit of all the people, we can still change ourselves to help them reduce their hardship. For example, don’t discard the junk into the sea. Although these suggestions are the basic things, the little thing we also can’t to accomplish, how can we do the other things to protect the sea?

Queen's CollegeTse Tak Lung

I learnt a lot in this competition. Ocean's future depends on us! To create a beautiful ocean, the first thing we should do is to keep our ocean clean, avoid throwing rubbish into the ocean. So that our ocean will not be polluted, all the sea creatures living in the ocean will not be hurt too. If we continue to keep our ocean clean, we can then own a non-polluted, beautiful ocean!

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