Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West

Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West is located at the Western edge of Kowloon Peninsula. The well-connected transportation makes it the best base for tourists to explore Hong Kong.

Through the "Business-School Partnership Programme", we offer work experience opportunities for students through which they can learn more about the hotel’s operations, such as relevant preparation work and arrangements, so as to help them prepare well for their life planning in the future.

Work Experience

協恩中學Leung Sum Yuet

I was assigned to the housekeeping department of the hotel, which has allowed me to explore the hidden sides of the daily operations of a hotel. Other than being a room attendant who clean and redecorate the guest rooms, I had the chance to work in public areas and walk around the hotel including the kitchen, staff canteen and cloth handling room. It allows me to have a better understanding of the operations of a hotel such as the specific functions of a department, and the attitude we should have when serving guests. It is definitely an eye-opening experience to me.


Overall, the work experience was excellent for me. The managers were nice to the employees, especially the new employees. They taught us skills to provide a good service to customers, and various skills for further future career. In the past few years, I learned from mistakes, and acquired some skills as well. I also got advice from customers so that I know how to improve. I hope I contributed to the hotel through this work experience.


For me, the whole experience was amazing, it was a very rare opportunity and I'm very grateful for it. Even though I was just a trainee and observer without much work to do. In the 2 days that I have been working there, I have learned the difficulties and the tiring nature of the work. I stayed and worked at concierge, and I mainly helped guests with directions, and held the lifts for them. But throughout that boring and tedious ordeal, I learned about the structure of hotel operation, how to deal with guests in a respectful manner and be considerate, even to the smallest details like moving a chair. This certainly helped me better understand hotel work in general and my future career planning on whether or not to work in hotel industry, and I would certainly love to explore more different hotel positions. This 2 days work experience programme was too short for me, as I wish to learn more and try out more skills, such as how to use the computer, how to deal with any luggage related work. However, it is not bad for a first timer like me.


By joining this work experience programme, I learn about what working life is in a hotel. I worked in the Telephone Operator Department during these 2 days. In these 2 days, I learnt how to complete tasks efficiently. I learnt the importance of staying calm and polite when dealing with customers or even workers in the workplace. Despite the important and basic requirements in a workplace, the working duties of the Telephone Operator are also new to me. For example, I learnt some global telephone standards, and I saw how the staff actually performed the standards in every calls.

協恩中學SHEN Cheuk Ki

It was a great opportunity for me to understand more about the actual operation of the patisserie, especially when it is located in a hotel. I got the chance to work with my colleagues and acknowledged the challenges and difficulties they actually face during the COVID times. This activity has brought me an opportunity to discover my interest in the tourism and hospitality fields and to test my aptitude for a hospitality career. I was able to develop better problem solving skills and communication skills during the two-day program when I tried to fulfil customer’s expectations. It was a great experience overall and I have also met several adorable colleagues who become friends with me.

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