Ingrid Millet Limied

Activity Highlight :
Visit to Ingrid Millet Ltd

Diocesan Boys’ SchoolBrian Goh

Was delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the BAFS field trip on 19th April 2018, during which visited the French Institutes Beauty Academy. Were first introduced to the career paths available in the beauty industry, their respective salaries, and the required personality traits critical to success in the industry. Realized that the strong bonding on many of the aspects in this industry and applicable to a wide range of jobs. But what me the most was the activities that came after. There was one beauty treatment that involved firming faces, and it was horrifying when making weird expressions as facial muscles contracted involuntarily. It was compulsory to try once, and all laughed hysterically. Other booths were very fun too, and particularly enjoyed one in which using body paint drawing delicate designs on arms. This event was very relaxing.

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