Guangbo Treatment Center of TCM

Work Experience

King's CollegeChan Chun Ip

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on more than 3500 years of medical practice that include various forms of herbal medicine, gua sha, tui na and dietary therapy. Understand the actual orientation of a clinic through the activity. After being introduced to everyone, it is time to have something to work on. They were very open and happy to receive help, e.g. cleaning up the medical room, picking up herbal Chinese medicine powder. I would like to give a big thank you to Dr. Zhu. He provided a lot of guidance and support in order to cope with difficulties. He is tactful and meticulous. He explained a variety of Chinese medicine knowledge kindly. Overall, it is a nice experience.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)Agnes Yeong

The activity was an entirely new experience. I gained something from the society, such as how to work with the colleagues, solve a problem, and deal with different patients. Really appreciate for having such a golden opportunity. Besides, this precious chance boosted the interest in working on this field. It takes much more for becoming a good doctor. A compassionate heart, willingness to listen and learn, and a strong faith are essential. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the nurses.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)Stella Yip

This activity allows me to have a taste of working in society. I knew more about the operation of a private clinic and how to cooperate with working partner. Have to be active to learn from others. Learn to prepare more before entering the industry to show a good attitude. During this work experience, there is a chance to observe the medical consultation process by the Chinese medical doctor. There are 4 traditional methods of diagnosis: observation, listening, interrogation and pulse-taking. Due to the different conditions of patients, the doctor treated them by tui na, acupuncture and suction cup. I also learnt more about Chinese medicine ingredients when dispensing the prescription.


Before this programme, I thought Chinese medical treatment is like that I’ve seen in the TV series, really traditional. However, I’m wrong. With the technological improvement these days, even a Chinese medical clinic is at a better business mode.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)Chloe Yip

Learnt a lot about how exactly a Chinese clinic runs through this experience. There were different tasks. These tasks allowed fully understanding of the flow of running a clinic and the job the doctor had to do. Even though it was very tough, the activity enabled knowing the difficulties of being in medical sector. Also raised some questions about Chinese medicine to the staff, which enabled to broaden mindset towards medical sector. There were so much to learn via the scheme and it was a unforgettable experience. Appreciated the opportunity for being in the medical sector.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)Tiffany Tam

This activity was really eye-opening. The pharmacist introduced the Chinese medicine. Over 200 types of medicine are stored in separate containers on a shelf. Searching for the necessary medicines on the huge shelf is the most difficult part. Some of their names are so similar with only a tiny difference. Dr Zhu also communicated with his patients' hearts which is really inspiring. Through this platform, there is more understanding of the operation of a Chinese medical clinic. It generates better future study plans by comprehending individual capability, potential and interest. These can help in exploration of career orientation. It creates more adaptiveness to the working environment. It is surely helpful to equip well and acquire new skills to face challenges in future career.

Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)Anna Wu

Learnt about the workflow of the clinic by observing how a doctor inquired his patients and carried out an acupuncture which is a common treatment. Medical staffs will place their patients’ needs at the first place. Also knew to be extremely careful on using a Chinese medicine dispenser, and pay full attention to each dose of medicine. There is responsibility and pressure when handling patients’ life and health. Really thankful to have these experiences which transformed into a better person with humility, diligence and empathy.

Kwun Tong Government Secondary SchoolLau Man Ying

An assistant of a Chinese medicine practitioner. Sat next to Dr. Chu by observing his consultation with patients. Dr. Chu was very helpful and would answer questions as much as he could. Besides, did preparation before the clinic opened and served the patients on treatments. Overall, it was a really previous and remarkable experience, in which learnt a great deal.

播道書院CHAN Wing Hei Samantha

My time at the Guangbo TCM clinic was wonderful and informative. As I wish to work in this field in the future, my understanding of the workflow of a clinic is extremely important, and is one of my biggest takeaways from this experience. There are patients coming in every hour, with or without reservations, so while helping out in the treatment rooms, keeping in mind when the patients are ready for treatments is vital for optimal time efficiency. It can ensure all patients receive peak care with a flexible schedule available for other incoming patients. Nurse Man was very kind and taught me skills I would not have learnt elsewhere, the most inspiring impression is that high quality services should always put in place, rather than the expensive location of the clinic. It was fascinating to learn how a Chinese medicine practitioner diagnoses a patient by looking at the colour of the tongue, checking the pulse on both wrists. But these observations alone do not fully diagnose the patient, since the final diagnosis has to be finalized from in 4 Chinese diagnosis望聞問切 . Dr Zhu even briefed us with some basic information of Chinese method of diagnosis and the career path of studies of Chinese medicine by showing his power point. My last day at the clinic was probably the most memorable, as I had to work at the counter, serving the patients and packing medicine bags for them. I really had to focus and carefully measure the content into the packets, since the wrongdoings would affect the health of the patients. Nurse Cheung taught me about the different categories of Chinese medicine, and mentioned on some of the most common ones. It was interesting to find out that Chinese medicine originated from our nature: animals, plants and even fossils. While it could not be possible to learn about all these medicines in such a short time, it still made me recall some of the Chinese medicine that I have taken in the past. Watching the efficiency and accuracy of the work of Nurse Cheung made me realize that practice makes perfect.

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