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Weber Lo, Citi Country Officer & Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong and Macau   Citi has been actively promoting financial literacy and money concepts in Hong Kong through a series of diverse financial education programmes that inculcate proper financial knowledge and skills to students of different academic levels ranging from primary to post-graduate students.We strongly believe that the banking industry has an important role to play in promoting financial education to help improve the quality of living of individuals and strengthen communities around the world.

Through the collaboration with the "Business-School Partnership Programme" of the Education Bureau, we have implemented innovative financial education programmes such as the Agent Penny and Will Power Series andDrama Show, which promote financial education in an interesting and interactive way for primary students.
Drama Competition

Si Yuan School of the Precious BloodChan Sin Hang, Stacy

In this precious drama experience, I have learnt how to communicate and work together with my group mates. Also, I am able to realize more about various kinds of financial management, for instance, creating budget plan, knowing ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’, comparing prices and so on. I am sure I can apply what I learn from this meaningful drama competition in my life. I hope there will be more this kind of drama competition for those drama lovers to participate in the future.

Smart Kids Day Camp

Po Leung Kuk Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial CollegeNg Man Ying Heidi

In the day camp, my job is a customer service officer. I became more serious in the programme when I learned that I have to attend an English interview. Later I had chance for further studies and hoped to become a senior customer service officer. It is pity that my boss didn’t offer that post to me but to my colleague. So I learnt that sometimes, the life is not smooth, but the key for living is trying my best.

Po Leung Kuk Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial CollegeAu Chun Kwan

In the day camp, I got the secondary school graduation certificate, which was the lowest qualification among my friends. I was so disappointed. However, I found that I still had many chances in my job and my boss offered a better salary for me after I have gained more qualifications after further studies. So I find the key for success is how much effort do I pay and I will try my best in my future.

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