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Activity Highlight :
Work Experience

CCC Kei Long College

I worked in the SASA in Yuen Long these two days. It was a great experience for me. Moreover, I learnt a lot during work. All of the colleague is nice. They taught attentively when I had something didn’t understand. I think it was a good opportunity for me to try to talk with someone I didn’t know. Also, I try my best to answer customers’ question. But I think the most important thing is learn to speak Putonegua fluently. Furthermore, it is important to know where the goods are put in, since it would give a good impression to the customers. If SASA hold resembling activities again, I must participate. Thank you

Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School

Developed leadership, communication and problem-solving skills from the training and served many different kinds of people every day. Also thankful that there is a great leader who teaches a lot. In addition, the activity helps building courage. Thus can become more proactive and confident. Most importantly, it is more ready to share the views with others after the activity. The experience is a great help to future career.

CCC Kei Long College

I am so glad that I can join this student program. In this two day in sasa, I learn more than in class. It is difficult for me to communicate with a customer since I was shy. Worse still, they ask me a question about sasa product. I felt confused. Luckily, workmates was help me Initiative. I have never been work before so I want to thanks for an opportunity to work and learn.

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary School)Bernice Yue

Working in Sasa was an extremely new and inspiring experience for me as I have no working experience as a staff in the cosmetic shop. I learnt quite a lot through this Work Experience Programme, such as welcoming customers upon their visits in the shop .After these two short days of work, I would be able to greet them confidently. Also, I learnt that every kind of job needs putting effort. Even selling things seems easy at first, staffs need to memorise the cosmetic products, have patience to introduce products to customers, and to provide advice when they are in doubts. This experience of trying to work will definitely be memorable and special for me.

CCC Kei Long College

I am so glad that i have an opportunity to join this program. It is my first time to work. I find that as a salesperson it is not an easy job during working. Not only do they need to know all the information of cosmetics, but also do they need to know the using method of cosmetics. As a salesperson, need to good in communication with others. However, i am poor in interact with others. When a customer asked me, I didn't know how to reply them. Luckily, others are willing to help me to solve the problem. Thanks for giving me a chance to work!

CCC Kei Long College

After this two days job experience, it can broaden my horizon. From this, I can realise the scope of retail trade and the operation of the Sasa store. I was glad to work with other employees as they were really helpful and kind to me. When I had questions, they answered me patiently. With their guidance and assistance, I can have a better performance. In addition, I would also like to thank you for giving me this invaluable opportunity to take part in the work experience. I hope that I can work in your company again in the future.


Through this event, I have learnt more about how a big chain company works everyday. Before the work experience programme, I have not had any chances to see how stores work in person, and have only heard about it online. I was quite worried about how I would perform on the working day, and how would the customers’ response when I tell them I did not know how to answer their questions. However, after the event, my worries have gone, and the experience was better than I thought. The staff at the store treated me very well, and took good care of me, making the event fruitful for me. I think I have learnt a lot about retail industry, and would like to work in this field later on.

CCC Kei Long College

This is the first time I have been involved in a work-related experience. The place I worked on that day was the SASA in Tuen Mun Town Plaza I thought it was a very easy thing to do before I took part. But when I started working really, I did not find it so. In the process I have learned a lot not only to communicate with people skills but also learned a lot of other work skills such as the price of stickers And the most profound is standing in front of the shop with the guests greeted found that the most need to pay attention to is to keep smiling to come in the guests feel at home Again, I would like to thank the colleagues of Sa Sa company for their careful guidance.

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