Dunwell Technology (Holdings) Ltd.

With over 15 years of professional experience in providing technological environmental solutions, Dunwell Technology (Holdings) Ltd. services include: ● Providing lubricating oil related technologies such as re-refining/recycling of used lubricating Oil including the award winning VMAT vibrating membrane used oil recycling system, blending of lubricating oil products and analysis service as a preventive maintenance measure; ● Providing water treatment solutions such as design and installation of industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, drinking water and nano wastewater treatment and reuse system; ● Providing Cleaner Production Assessment and Demonstration projects to help PRD factories to reduce their pollution emissions; ● Providing energy, water and indoor air quality audits, consultations and technical solutions to enhance companies’ energy/water saving and efficiency; ● Collecting and treating wastes such as wastewater, oily contaminated wastewater, used oil, used rechargeable batteries and other chemical wastes. With strict management and excellent product quality, Dunwell has won many awards (included: local, mainland and overseas awards) in the past.

To provide young people with the opportunity to learn about the environmental industry, so that students who are interested in joining the environmental industry field can determine their own development direction and make plans when choosing courses. Introducing new blood to the environmental industry so that the industry can continue to develop and attract more new force.

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