Wong Shu Tong TCM Clinic

Wong Shu Tong Chinese Clinic has been serving in Tai Po for over 30 years with a team of Chinese Medicine Practitioners. It is a comprehensive clinic with Chinese medicines, herbal tea, massage, acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion and scrapping therapy, etc.

Through the "Business-School Partnership Programme", we would like to provide opportunities for students who are interested in joining the medical industry, especially the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry.

Work Experience


Through the participation of this Work Experience Programme, I understood more about myself and the industry of Chinese Medicine. During the activity, I was arranged to observe the various medical consultations of Chinese medical practitioner. It is very impressive that the medical staff always kept her smile and kept talking with the patients enthusiastically even though she was exhausted already. The positive attitude she held not only shown her professionalism but the hard lives of this industry. After I talked with them, I got numerous useful information in different aspects of the Chinese medicine industry, for instance, the prospect of combination of traditional Chinese medicine and new technology, and other study options elsewhere, which are really helpful for my future study and career planning. Moreover, the entire activity also helps me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and it also gives me a guide for my further understanding of the Chinese medicine industry.

Diocesan Boys' SchoolTsang Cho Chun

It was a pleasant and fruitful experience to work at the centre. All the staffs were so kind to teach patiently and three stationed physicians were also more than happy to transfer both soft and hard knowledge, including how to communicate with patients and undergo diagnosis, as well as some medical knowledge. On the other hand, switched posts with other participants sporadically and managed to explore different stages of work, ranging from inspecting the entire consultation process and cold moxibustion therapy, to some peripheral and preparation work done by the nurses. Also visited their herbal tea store and take a sip of their herbal tea. On the whole, I felt elated to be able to directly get involved in a real clinical operation from a first-person perspective, giving myself more holistic insight of my future aspirations. It was really an eye-opening experience.

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