HKU SPACE Gem & Jewellery Alumni Association

Activity Highlight :
The 1st Jewellery Design Competition for Secondary School Students

True Light Girls' CollegeLam Wan Ting

Before I went to the competition, I actually had no ideas of jewelry and so not even designing jewelry. For the purpose of learning more about design, I decided to participate. I was told to be creative and so I thought a lot of different things to be my reference. And the time preparing was the most unforgettable experience. After the prize presentation ceremony, I looked at the winning pieces. Mostly they were drawn in a very detailed way. And also, they were really following the rule of drawing the object in 1:1 ratio but the object was beautiful. I think I learn the most from the participant especially the winners. I wish there are more activities about design.

Workshop on Gem & Jewellery Industry

Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin)LO Wing Yiu

The workshop was more interesting than what I expected. The jewellery designers explained the process of designing jewellery clearly. They also answered our questions patiently. I really learned a lot about the industry. I think enough time is necessary for us to unleash our creativity and make our own design. I did not expect that the organiser would reserve more than 2 hours for us to draw a rough sketch! I really enjoyed the time for designing my own jewellery very much. In the final part of the workshop, the jewellery designers commented on our sketches one by one. I learned a lot from the opportunities of talking with them. Thank you very much for giving me this chance to attend the workshop.

Career Talk on Jewellery Industry

Yan Chai Hospital Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary SchoolLAM Fung Yee

This talk overturns my understanding about jewellery industry. Salespersons have to deal with precious jewellery every day. Sometimes, they may even need to travel to some underdeveloped countries to sell their products. The process of designing jewellery is not as simple as I thought. Jewellery designers need to attend to the detail of natural phenomenon and create their original designs based on their interpretation. The designers also have to consider the choice of materials of the jewellery and the preference of customers as well.

Yan Chai Hospital Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary SchoolNG Ngar Sze

The talk on Jewellery Industry was very informative. The members of the Gem Jewellery Alumni Association introduced the steps of jewellery production from mining, jewellery design to front-line sale. The sharing from the members also let us know their daily work. After attending the talk, I understand that there are different careers related to jewellery industry, not just salesperson. No matter what industry we plunge into in the future, there are still ample opportunities for promotion. Most importantly, we need to add value to ourselves in our field of work.

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