Customs and Excise Department

Disciplined Force Career Talk

Ning Po CollegeChan Hoi Ying Doris

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to join this talk. Through this talk, I have learnt a lot, not just the information and the entry requirements of disciplinary services, but also how to prepare myself for these jobs. I think this talk is really helpful, especially for students who concerned about their studies and future career. This talk has given details about each job and this definitely helps to settle our uncertainty about the jobs. I believe many students including me are looking forward to attending talks of such nature again.

Visit to Customs and Excise Training School

AD and FD of POHL Leung Sing Tak CollegeCarmen Mak

On 2 July 2015, I visited the Customs and Excise training school to learn more about the department. On that day, I visited different sites at the Training Schoo including the mock court, mock residential flat and the mock border. I also saw a demonstration of detective dogs in searching for drugs and some instruments to break into a flat and how the Customs Officers use some instruments such as the IR detector to detect the illegal items inside luggage. From the visit, I learned more about the requirements of a Customs Officer. For example, there is no height and weight limit for the candidates.

Helen Liang Memorial Secondary School (Shatin)Tam Wai Lok, Ray

To be honest, I was very surprised that I had a chance to visit the C&E Training School. It was because the limited quota of the visit, so I was very excited that I could take part in it. The reason that I joined this visit was because I was interested in the work of C&E. Every time when I am back to Hong Kong after traveling to other country, for instance at the international airport , I always see some Customs Officers are on duty ,and I wonder what the job is about. From the beginning, I thought that the purpose of C&E is only checking traveler’s ID, but after this visit, I have learned that it is not that simple, the C&E is also in charge of drug searching, protecting and facilitating the legitimate trade and collecting revenue on dutiable goods. I have also learned that being a Customs Officer is not that easy. From the room breaching and the guns training section, it shows that a Customs Officer must face great danger during the searching of drugs. To become a Customs Officer is not easy too. First, you need to have Level 2 or equivalent or above in five subjects in the HKDSE. Second, you need to meet the language proficiency requirements of Level 2 or above in Chinese Language and English Language in HKDSE. Third, you need to pass an eyesight test. After this visit, I fully understood the work of C&E. I must say thanks to all the instructors. Their teaching and explanation of the work of C&E were very useful. Although we had many questions to ask , they were still willing to solve our question one by one. Now Customs Officer has become one of my dream job. I am looking forward to similar kind of visit, as there is still much for me to learn.

Visit to Customs Headquarters Building

Shek Lei Catholic Secondary SchoolLuk Wing Tung

After visiting the Headquarters of Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, I have known more about the job’s requirements and history of the Department. The tour guide’s sharing was so interesting that impressed me a lot. I felt that they are proud of their job. I have learnt that a customs officer does not only check luggage at airport, they also have many other tasks. The Customs and Excise Department is the primary agency responsible for the suppression of smuggling activities. Moreover, they are responsible for the protection of consumer interests in the Hong Kong. I have learnt a lot from the tour guide. I think the visit is fruitful and meaningful.

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