Hong Kong Fire Services Department

Disciplined Force Career Talk

Po Leung Kuk Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial CollegeCHOI Hiu Yee

The career talk gave me a chance to learn more two disciplined forces, fireservices and correctional services. After the detailed presentation of the speakers, I have a better understanding of these two careers, particularly the academic and fitness requirements. Also, the Question and Answer session let me knew more about the daily works of fireman and correctional officer. Besides, the fitness requirements of these disciplined forces are quite difficult to fulfill. However, that can motivate me to set a goal for myself, and to realize my dream step by step.

Kwun Tong Maryknoll CollegeLam Wai Shing

After the career talk, I realize more possibility of my future career path. Firstly, my schoolmates and I obtained more career information on fireman.To be a fireman, we need to attain certain fitness level and overcome some intensive training and challenges. Moreover, self-discipline is one of the criteria. We should obey instructions and orders in order to ensure the work environmentiscompletely safe. Secondly, it has also recalled my memory and experience of being in the five-day training of the Enhanced Smart Team Programme.This talkstrengthensmy beliefthat to be a fireman one has to be tough but worthynot because of the high salary, but because of the safety of the citizens. To conclude, the career of a fireman is hard. However, it is a great opportunity to serve the citizens. We need to give our best gratitude to them.

Ning Po CollegeChan Hoi Ying Doris

I was glad that I had the opportunity to join the career talks about disciplined services. I think these talks were really helpful, especially for the students who were interested in disciplined services. It gave students another way to know more about the academic requirements, selection criteria and selection process about the jobs. Also, the talks had provided some case demonstration which grabbed the students’ attention and increased their interest. What I think the most important element of these talks is the message that has given to students. It taught us to be more confident and optimistic with our future. To achieve our goal, we have to prepare ourselves right now. It will be great if there are more such career talks which can provide a way to inform more students.

St. Paul's Secondary SchoolHayley PONG

To be honest, I am more interested in the jobs of Hong Kong Correctional Services than that of the Fire Services Department. However the sharing of fireman's experience is the most impressed part to me. He said, 'there is a time that the family members of a casualty who was saved by me, say thank you to me at the hospital. And this means lots to me. Life is worth much more than anything, and at the moment you saved a life, that feeling can never be replaced. And this is why I love my job.' I was touched and pleased by his words, I can feel his great passion towards his job. In contrast with him, like us, the 90's generation, we seldom love our job so deeply like him. In many case, choice of our job is just based on the money income or other benefit. To me, he is so venerable that I think all of us should learn by his attitude.

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