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Work Experience

St Antonius Girls' College洪珊瑜

Thank you TW for giving me this opportunity, let me know the work experience. The experience let me learn a lot and I have an opportunity to learn how to get along with some demanding guests and answer their questions . On weekdays and do not have a such opportunity to appreciate the work of bitterness, but the exhibition work experience let me to understand the general work without regular food, work hard for indefinite time. This experience I was responsible for tasting services, there are also some embarrassing situation in the tasting period, such as the requirements of the guests to try to drink the weight, although the situation is embarrassing, but TW's staff also patiently taught us how to deal with some embarrassing situation. In addition, TE's staff is very friendly, they also chat with us in the leisure time and told us some interesting things during work. They also patiently explain some of the goods information to us. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Good Hope SchoolNicole Wong

This event has created understanding on the process of making coffee in restaurants and special things happening. Especially like the way that the coffee delivers. Now realize there are many ways to succeed in life. Making coffee can help relax in free time and develop a skill. This experience is attractive as there are a lot of insights on coffee making process.

St. Antonious Girls’ College

Thank you Tsit Wing Company for giving me this work experience programme. During the programme, I have an opportunity to learn how to get along with some demanding guests and answer their questions . As a student, I do not have such opportunity to taste the work difficulties in school, e.g., irregular meal hours and prolonged working hours. . Besides, I met some demanding guests who wants to add more to their drinks as I give time to taste the TW coffee samples. Although the situation is embarrassing, the company staff also patiently taught us how to deal with these situation. In addition, Tsit Wing Company staff have been very friendly to us, they also chat with us about some interesting work experiences .and also told us about information of the products. Thank you once again for this learning opportunity.

Good Hope SchoolJenna Lau

The visit is refreshing and inspiring. The staff’s sharing is informative. The sampling sessions made the experience much more unforgettable. Besides, from the two speakers, they have passion and interest in the field. During the sampling session, the speaker sets goals. He is willing to make improvement on the coffee made, which is very positive. Hope to develop a long term passion in hobbies, set goals, and work hard to achieve them.

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