PRIVATE i SALON is the first brand of PS GROUP. It had opened hair salons in the mainland in the early days, provided hairdressing services and hair courses, and further connected the different business concepts and technical communication. PRIVATE i SALON has been invited many times to provide professional hair styling services for many well-known hair and fashion shows, such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton. In recent years, it has also been the official hair design sponsor of the popular Hong Kong male idol group Mirror and Error Queen's hairstyle team and Viu TV “KING MAKER” III &“KING MAKER” IV program.

By participating in the "Business-School Partnership Programme", we hope students will increase their knowledge and interest in the industry. It can help us to discover suitable and dedicated candidates for the development of the industry, and provide more job demands, while solving the problem of “difficulty in recruiting” for institutions and come back to the society.

Work Experience
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